Monday, 29 June 2015

MCF Muscle Protein Review

While changing your eating habits and adding a bit of exercise into your daily routine might seem easy to most people, the one think that we sometimes over look is our protein intake.

Protein is the key ingredient in building muscles and burning body fat. You don't have to be lifting heavy weights to gain muscles as you can be using light weights or doing any intense workout program.

Your muscle fibers become torn during exercise and it takes time for them to recover. Ingesting extra protein before and/or after an workout can prevent muscle soreness and help your body recover from your workout faster.

I was recently sent a bottle of MCF (Mike Change Fitness) Muscle Protein to test out and review. Each 990 grams container has 30 servings (one scoop). Each serving has 120 calories, 22 grams of protein and 4.5 grams of carbs.

The ingredients include:

Muscle Protein Blend: Whey Protein Concentrate, Whey Peptides & Whe Protein Isolate

Digestive Enzyme Complex: Protease, Lactase, Bromelain, Asperigillus Niger & Aspergillus Oryzae

Other ingredients include: Cocoa Poweder, Natural & Arifical Flavors, Fibersol-2 (Maltodextrin), Sucrose, Sodium Chloride and Sucralose.

Review - The Berenstain Bears: God Bless Our Country

The Berenstain Bears: God Bless Our Country
by Mike Berenstain
Publisher: ZonderKidz
Pub. Date: April 14, 2015
ISBN: 978-0310734857
Pages: 24
Buy Link: Amazon


In my early elementary days in the late 80s, one of my favorite book series was The Berenstain Bears by the late authors Stan and Jan Berenstain. At one time I did own every book, but then as I got older, I lost interests in the series. Eventually, I let my cousins borrow the books, which I never saw my book collection ever again. Over the years, I've found a few of the books at a thrift store, so I started recollecting the series.

Since the death of Stan and Jan Berenstain, their son Mike has taken over writing and illustrating new adventures of the Berenstain Bears, but the newest books have Christian themes.

Now available in bookstores is The Berenstain Bears: God Bless Our Country, which finds the Bear family getting ready to celebrate Fourth of July in Bear County. Papa and Mama tells their cubs (Brother, Sister & Honey) the true meaning of the holiday. From the Revolutionary War to Immigration, the cubs learn how this country was born right before the cubs hop on their bikes and participate in the annual parade.

Sunday, 28 June 2015

Blu-ray Review: No Good Deed

No Good Deeds
Director: Bob Rafelson
Starring: Samuel L. Jackson, Milla Jovovich, Stellan Skarsgård
Studio: Mill Creek Entertainment
Release Date: July 7, 2015
Retail: $14.98
Running Time: 98 minutes
Rating: R
Buy Link: Amazon


Arriving on Blu-ray for the first time from Mill Creek Entertainment on July 7th is the 2002 thriller from director Bob Rafelson, titled No Good Deed. The film stars Samuel L. Jackson, Milla Jovovich and Stellan Skarsgård. There are no special features or extras on the single-dis.

Long before Samuel L. Jackson wore an eye patch for "The Avengers" and Stellan Skarsgård played Dr. Erik Selvig in the "Thor" films, the actors teamed up for No Good Deed. Jackson plays diabetic police detective Jack Friar. Though he normally works only on grand theft auto cases, he decideds to help out his neighbors by retrieving their daughter who has been staying on Turk Street with her boyfriend.

With only a picture of the daughter's boyfriend to work with, Friar goes door to door on Turk Street looking for her. This when he meets Mr. & Mrs. Quarre (played by Joss Ackland & Grace Zabriskie), whom nicely invites him into their home, which turns out to be a troubling mistake for Friar as the criminal known as Hoop (played by Doug Hutchison) steps out of the shadows with a gun. Despite trying to tell Hoop about the girl he is looking for, Friar is taken hostage.

Friar quickly finds out that both Mr. and Mrs. Quarre and Hoop work for Tyrone (played Stellan Skarsgård), a criminal who plans on robbing a bank with the help of a inside banker (played by Jonathan Higgins) and a young woman Erin (Milla Jovovich).

When things don't exactly go as plan, Firar's only chance of survival is to trust Erin with his life.

Saturday, 27 June 2015

RockNRoller Review

Some of my blog readers might recall me reviewing a massage roller a few weeks ago, so you might wondering why I'm reviewing a similar product.

Well, since I've started exercising regularly this month, I've learned how important it is to add stretching and yoga workouts that help relax my muscles. Exercising can put a strain on your body, so it's a good idea to add spend fifteen to thirty minutes (or longer) to workout any kinks your body might have.

A few weeks ago, I was sent the RockNRoller massage roller to test out and review. Now, most foam rollers are just made out of foam, but this roller is made out a heavy plastic pipe that has foam wrapped around it. The foam part features small circular textures that will help increase the pressure of your massage. What really makes this roller stand out from the rest is that the sides/ends can be twisted off, so you can store your gym towel, water bottle, protein bars, etc.

Summer Reads: A Heart's Betrayal

A Heart's Betrayal
Journey of the Heart, Book Four
by Colleen Coble
Publisher: Thomas Nelson
Pub. Date: June 2, 2015
ISBN: 978-0529103437
Pages: 112
Buy Link:
Blog Tour:


I received several books a month to review here on this blog. Most them don't get my immediate attention and the books end up being piled up until I find time to read them. However, there are a few authors that I do read right away and one of them happens to be Colleen Coble.

The fourth installment in the Journey of the Heart mini-series was released to bookstores this month. Unlike the previous novel that focused on Sarah Montgomery, this sequel switches the main character to Emmie Croftner - the sister to the first three installment's villain (Ben). Emmie thought she had the perfect life when she recently married an up-and-coming lawyer Monroe Courtney, well, that is until she received word of her husband's death. She's doesn't have much time to mourn before she learns of Monroe's debt he left behind and his little white lie - he's actually married to somebody else.

With nowhere to life and not much money, Emmie packs her bags and travels to Fort Laramie, Wyoming, hoping that her old friend Sarah Montgomery will take her in. While it's somewhat awkward at first, Sarah and Emmie rekindle their friendship. Then the unthinkable happens - Emmie learns that she's pregnant with Monroe's child.

Friday, 26 June 2015

Book Blogger Hop: June 26th - July 2nd

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My Answer: 

   Not counting my blog readers, I don't know very many people that read books, so, no, nobody asks me for book recommendations.

Linky List:

Wednesday, 24 June 2015

DVD Review - Teen Wolf: Season 4

Teen Wolf: Season 4
Starring: Tyler Posey, Dylan O'Brien, Holland Roden, Arden Cho
Studio: MGM / 20th Century Fox Home Entertainment
Release Date: June 9, 2015
Retail: $29.98
Running Time: 535 minutes
Rating: Not Rated
Buy Link: Amazon


Now available to own on DVD from MGM & 20th Century Fox Home Entertainment is the hit MTV series Teen Wolf: Season 4. Special Features includes Gag Reels, The Beasts of Beacon Hill, Shirtless Montage Strikes Again and The Visual Effects Behind "The Dark Moon."

Loosely based on the 1985 comedy of the same name, Teen Wolf debuted on MTV in the summer of 2011 and has become of one of MTV's biggest scripted hit. Before Season 5 kicks-off on June 29th, fans can grab their hand on this 3-disc DVD release, so they can either get caught up or rewatch your favorite episodes.

"The Dark Moon" takes place two months after the events of season 3, where Scott and his friends head to Mexico in search of the the Calaveras - a Spanish hunter clan, in the hope to learn the whereabouts of Derek. Shortly, they learn that Kate Argent (played by Jill Wagner) is alive and has brought back the teenage version of Derek.

Scott (played by Tyler Posey), Stiles (played by Dylan O'Brien), Lydia (played by Holland Roden) and Kira (played by Arden Cho) return to Beacon Hills to try to live some sort of normal life, but of course Kate Argent is close by to cause problems, along with a new threat - The Benefactor.

Tuesday, 23 June 2015

Review - If There Be Thorns DVD

If There Be Thorns
Director: Nancy Savoca
Starring: Heather Graham, Jason Lewis, Rachel Carpani
Studio: LionsGate
Release Date: June 23, 2015
Retail: $14.98
Running Time: 98 minutes
Rating: Not Rated
Buy Link: Amazon


Now available to own on DVD is the third installment of the made-for-LIFETIME film saga, titled If There Be Thorns. There are no special features or extras on the single disc, but there is a Digital Ultraviolet download code.

Based on the third novel in the Dollanganger Saga by the late Gothic author V.C. Andrews, If There Be Thorns takes place six years after then end of Petals on the Wind, where Chris (played by Jason Lewis) and Cathy (played by Rachael Carpani) Dollanganger are living as man and wife in California along with their sons Jory (played by Jedidiah Goodacre) and Bart (played by Mason Cook). It seems they have finally been able to put their dark past behind them, well, that is until a mysterious woman dressed in black purchases the mansion next door to them.

Bart's thinks he's the outcast of the family. His older brother, Jory, is great at everything and gets praised from their parents all the time. Though Bart has been told to stay away from the mansion next door, his curiosity gets the better of him and he checkouts the new owner a  is a rich widow (played by Heather Graham), whom is living with her butler - John Amos!

Monday, 22 June 2015

Reviw - The Farmer's Wife 1930's Sampler Quilt

The Farmer's Wife 1930's Sampler Quilt
by Laurie Aaron Hird
Publisher: Fons & Porter
Pub. Date: June 12, 2015
ISBN: 978-1440241468
Pages: 272
Buy Link: Amazon


While some people might think quilting is just a hobby, actually, quilting has been used to make beddings, clothings and art wall hangings for years. The first known quilt dates back to 3400 B.C..

Now available in bookstores is the The Farmer's Wife 1930's Sampler Quilt from author and quilter Laurie Aaron Hird. The Farmer's Wife was a monthly women's magazine that was published from 1897 to 1939, when it was sold to Farm Journal - lasting until the 1970s. During the 1930s (The Great Depression), the magazine featured a inspiration column, titled "Letters From Our Farm Women." Each and every month, this column would publish letters from readers from around the country, which the letters would offer support and encouragement.

Laurie Aaron Hird shares 99 letters that appeared in The Farmer's Wife during the 1930s and along side each one, she has put together quilt blocks that has inspired by the letters. The book is split into sections, the first half featuring the letters & quilt blocks and the latter half showcasing the assembly for each quilt block, along with directions to make either a lap-size, twin-size, queen-size or a king-size quilt.

After the Wall Street stock market crash in 1929, the country entered the Great Depression, which was an extremely hard time for people, whom all struggled to provide for their families during this time. Each letter featured in this quilt book represents a part of history that shouldn't be forgotten and now can be shared with a new generation of readers & quilters!

The Gunman Blu-ray Giveaway

Arriving on Blu-ray & DVD on June 30th is the action-packed "The Gunman" staring Sean Penn.

Two-time Academy Award® winner Sean Penn (Milk, Mystic River) is the object of a deadly international manhunt in the pulse-pounding thriller The Gunman, coming to Digital HD on June 16, 2015 and on Blu-ray™ Combo Pack and DVD as well as On Demand on June 30, 2015 from Universal Pictures Home Entertainment. The latest nail-biting adventure from director Pierre Morel (Taken), The Gunman is an electrifying combination of suspense, non-stop action and sheer star power that Steve Prokopy of Ain’t It Cool News calls “Spectacular!” 

It has been eight years since Jim Terrier (Penn) worked as a black-ops assassin and now someone from his old organization wants him dead. Pursued across Africa and Europe by a team of elite hit men, Terrier is dragged back into his dangerous past as he engages in a relentless cat-and-mouse game to take out the man who betrayed him. Idris Elba (Prometheus, Mandela: Long Walk to Freedom), Ray Winstone (The Departed, Hugo), Mark Rylance (“Wolf Hall,” Anonymous) and Oscar®-winner Javier Bardem (No Country for Old Men, Skyfall) costar in a hair-trigger thrill-ride critics are calling “Intense!” (Dave Karger, Fandango). 

Giveaway Details:

Saturday, 20 June 2015

Yoga Sweat: Powerful And Fun Yoga Weight Loss Review

*This is a sponsored review. All opinion are 100% mine.

I've never been very interested in Yoga in the past as I'm not very flexible and it just didn't look like fun to me. However, I started having lower-back problems a few years ago, so that's when I first gave Yoga a try. After a few weeks, my back felt almost 100% better. I now try to include at least one Yoga workout a week.

Last month, I was sent the Yoga Sweat: Powerful And Fun Yoga Weight Loss DVD to test out and review. The workout DVD is created by Yoga trainer Julia Schoen, author and founder of The DVD features two 30-minute workouts, along with a bonus warm-up and cool-down videos.

The two 30-minute workouts are called "Session 1" and "Session 2." "Session 1" focuses on helping you burn calories by building heat throughout your body through effective poses that will tone and strengthen your legs and glutes. "Session 2" challenges you with vigorous sequences of poses that will strengthen your arms, back and core. It also features balance moves and tummy toners.

Friday, 19 June 2015

Book Blogger Hop: June 19th - 25th

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My Answer: 

   Probably anywhere between 7 -12 posts a week. The posts are a mixture of book and product reviews.

Linky List:

Blu-ray Review: The Lazarus Effect

The Lazarus Effect
Director: David Gelb
Starring: Mark Duplass, Olivia Wilde, Donald Glover, Evan Peters and Sarah Bolger
Studio: 20th Century Fox Home Entertainment
Release Date: June 23, 2015
Running Time: 83 minutes
Rating: PG-13
Buy Link: Amazon


Now available to own on Blu-ray and Digital HD from 20th Century Fox Home Entertainment is the horror-thriller The Lazarus Effect. Directed by David Gelb, the film stars Mark Duplass, Olivia Wilde, Donald Glover, Evan Peters and Sarah Bolger. Special Features include Creating Fear: The Making of The Lazarus Effect, Playing God: The Moral Dilemma and deleted/extended scenes.

The Lazarus Effects centers on Frank Walton (played by Mark Duplass), his girlfriend Zoe McConnell (played by Olivia Wilde) and a small group of researchers - Clay (played by Evan Peters), Niko (played by Donald Glover) and Eva (played by Sarah Bolger), whom are trying to create a serum that will bring the dead back to life.

Despite several setbacks, including the dean of the university cutting off their funding, the group successfully brings a dog back from the dead, proving in fact that their serum actually works. While sneaking back into the laboratory late at night, Zoe is accidentally electrocuted, so to save her the team injects the serum into her.

Before Zoe is resurrected, she went to her own version of hell and when she comes back to the living, she is a completely different person - bringing death with her.

Summer Reads: Two Roads Home

Two Roads Home
A Chicory Inn Novel, book two
by Deborah Raney
Publisher: Abingdon Press
Pub. Date: June 2, 2015
ISBN: 978-1426770418
Pages: 304
Blog Tour:
Buy Link:


The last few weeks have been a bit hectic for me as I had to remove the carpet from a bedroom that was ruined by rainwater and now I'm patching up any cracks/holes in the concrete floor before I put down a tile flooring. However, I've squeezed in enough time to read a few new books, including Two Roads Home by Deborah Raney.

Two Roads Home centers on Grant and Audrey Whitman, whom are dealing with several setbacks while trying to run their bed & breakfast. To make matters worse, there far more problems for their daughter, Corinne, and their son-in-law, Jesse.

While their marriage was wonderful at first, Jesse's obsessed with his job and the countless business trips, not to mention the harassment from a co-worker, has put damper on their marriage & their children. Neither one of them are happy in their marriage. With both of them lacking faith in marriage and in God, they'll have to find away to find happiness again.

Wednesday, 17 June 2015

Summer Reads: Maximum Ride Forever


Maximum Ride Forever
Maximum Ride, book 9
by James Patterson
Publisher: Little, Brown and Company
Pub. Date: 400
ISBN: 978-0316207508
Pages: 400
Buy Link: Amazon


The bestselling crime novel author, James Patterson, dazzled young reader with Maximum Ride: The Angel Experiment (the reboot of his previous adult books -  When the Wind Blows and The Lake House) in 2005. This was followed by a series of sequels, which the later installments received mixed to negative feedback from fans and critics, especially with how the final installment Nevermore: The Final Maximum Ride Adventure ended in 2012.

Mr. Patterson or Little, Brown & Company must have listened to the fans as new "final" sequel (the ninth book in the series) was released last month, titled Maximum Ride Forever!

A the end of Nevermore, the world was destroyed, leaving only mutants to rule the world. Maximum Ride Forever centers on the aftermath of the apocalypse, which Max and her flock have survived, but sadly Dr. Martinez and Ella didn't make it. Believing it is safe to leave their island, the flock heads to the mainlands to search for survivors, but are attached by a new group of mutants - Cryenas, which leads to the death of one of their own.

Eventually the flock splits up - Max heads to Russia;  Iggy and Gasman go to Pennsylvania; and Fang heads to California. The flock must take on a new enemy  - the Remedy and his Horseman creation, whom wants to finish destroying what is left of the world.

Tuesday, 16 June 2015

Summer Reads: Hearts Made Whole

Hearts Made Whole
by Jody Hedlund
Publisher: Bethany House
Pub. Date: June 2, 2015
ISBN: 978-0764212383
Pages: 384
Buy Link:
Blog Tour:


While I've never read the first book (Love Unexpected) in the Beacons Of Hope series, I have read a few of the author's other works, which is one of the reasons why I wanted to review this book.

Set in 1865, Hearts Made Whole centers on Caroline Taylor, a young woman who took over running the Windmill Point Lighthouse after her father passed away. A woman running any sort of operation in Michigan during this time is a little odd, which is what the lighthouse inspector believes as he appoints a new keeper - Ryan Chambers.

Ryan is a Civil War Veteran whom took the light keeper job on the single fact that he would be isolated from others. Little did he know that the current keeper, Caroline, is extremely upset for losing her job and her home. He also didn't know it was so difficult to run a lighthouse, something that enrages Caroline.

Of course this is a love story, so you know what happens next - Caroline and Ryan start to have feelings for each other.

Monday, 15 June 2015

Review - Nevermore: The Final Maximum Ride Adventure

There was over a two-year gap between book seven and book eight in the Maximum Ride series, titled Nevermore: The Final Maximum Ride Adventure. While at first it seemed like it was the last installment of our winged friends, we were duped! A ninth installment Maximum Ride Forever was released last month, making the title of this book seem a little silly.

Angel is presumed dead at the end of the previous book, but she was actually captured by the 99 Percenters, whom have blinded her and clipped her wings. With her telekinesis she can see the future - the death of Max!

Summer Reads: Angel: A Maximum Ride Novel

Maximum Ride, book seven
Publisher: Little, Brown and Company
Pub. Date: February 14, 2011
ISBN: 978-0316036207
Pages: 291
Buy Link: Amazon


Yeah, by now you're probably seeing that I'm catching up on my writings by posting all these reviews on the Maximum Ride series. 

Well, anyway, book seven (Angel) picks up a week after Fang decided to leave the flock, leaving our dear poor Max a total mess as he was in love with him. She has a difficult time picking up the pieces, especially when Dylan sorta has a crush on her as he did attempt to kiss her. Jeb and Dr. Gunther-Hagen tell Max that she is lead a new generation of mutants, the Gen 77.

Fang is doing just fine on his own. He has recruited his own team (flock) of mutants - Ratchet, Star, Kate, Starfish and Maya (Max II)

While Max & her flock head for Gen 77 headquarters, they quickly learn that the Gen 77 kids were created to kill off mankind as they are part of the Doomsday Group. Max and the other try to defend themselves, but the Gen 77 are just too strong for them.

Max has no other choice, but seek the help of Fang & his flock to stop the Doomsday Group before a disaster strikes.

Summer Reads: Fang: A Maximum Ride Novel

Maximum Ride, Book 6
by James Patterson
Publisher: Little, Brown and Company
Pub. Date: March 10, 2010
ISBN: 978-0316036191
Pages: 336
Buy Link: Amazon


As you can see this is my second Maximum Ride review that I've posted today, which is in my attempt to catch up on a few posts on here. I've been disappointed with the last few novels as Mr. Patterson decided to force the global warming/environmental issue down the reader's throats. I mean I have nothing against the author's personal beliefs, but the plots of the last two novels suffered because of it.

Book 6, finds the Max and her flock still part of the Coalition to Stop the Madness, but this time their  on a missionary assignment in Chad, where the meet Dr. Hans and his bird/human creation, Dylan. Dr. Hans plans on using the flock as template to make the human race envolve. Of course Max won't have anything to do with his plans, forcing her to take the flock to their old hideout, the E house. There the flock try to have a normal life by home schooling and celebrating her upcoming birthday, but the Erasers are once again on their trail.

Max and Fangs's realtionship moves forward, but it puts a dampier on the flock, whom agree that Max should leave them. Angel takes over as the new leader of the flock, while Max and Fang leave for Las Vegas. The flock is all unware that the Dr. Hans is watching their every move and he plans on experimenting on them.

Summer Reads: Max: A Maximum Ride Novel

Maximum Ride, book 5
by James Patterson
Publisher: Little, Brown and Company
Pub. Date: March 16, 2009
ISBN: 978-0316002899
Pages: 320
Buy Link: Amazon


After being extermely disappointed with the book 4 in the Maximum Ride series (The Final Warning), as did other fans and critics, I delayed reading the fifth installment, Max, until last week. 2009 was actually not the best year for me as my grandmother died that December and she was a huge James Patterson fan, which is another reason why it took me so long to read this.

Book 5 finds Max and her flock participating in air shows to help spread the message about Coalition to Stop the Madness, an environmental awareness group. While performing in Los Angeles, the flock is attacked by an assassin, whom self-destructs before they can learn of his identity. Later in Mexico City the flock is one again attacked, but this time it's against 60 bionic human ninjas (M-Geeks)!

After Max is injured, she agrees (more like forced) that her flock should attend the school for the gifted; hoping that they'll now be safe. Just as they get settled in, Max receives word that her mother, Dr. Martinez, has been kidnapped; all of which leads Max on a sub expedition off the coast of Hawaii in search for her.

Clean Lean Protein Review

If you've been reading this blog this year, then you would know my fondness for protein shakes, which is a must have if you're exercising regularly. While there are tons of different protein brands on the market, many of them have ingredients that some people might be allergic to.

Last week, I was sent a 17.6 oz. of Clean Lean Protein (Smooth Vanilla) from Nuzest, which happens to be free of gluten, dairy, eggs, soy lectins, peanuts, sesame, mustard, additives, preservatives, lactose artificial sweeteners, artificial colors/flavors, pesticides and animal products! This is a 100% vegetable, low fat protein. Each container has 20 servings (2 scoops).

The protein found in Clean Lean Protein is sourced from European Golden Peas, which contains up to 90% protein content. It's low in carbohydrates, but high in amino acids!

The ingredients include:

Aspartic Acid
Glutamic Acid

Saturday, 13 June 2015

Bradbury’s Influence Still Felt

Ray Bradbury has produced works throughout his long life that not only live on in print but also have seen numerous reinventions in comics and mainstream media, often with his direct influence and assistance with the screenplays and filming process. The most recent adaptation is the new ABC network series The Whispers (which you can easily stream with ABC Go or FiOS) based on the short story "Zero Hour" originally published in The Illustrated Man collection. The premise here is of an alien race communicating with and manipulating the children of Earth, as they believe that children under a certain age are still impressionable and can play at games that go largely unnoticed by adults.

Without further ado, here are some of the best Bradbury adaptations of all time:

Fahrenheit 451 (1966)

This classic and controversial film is based on the novel of the same name. In this tale of a dystopian future, firemen are government agents sent out to seek and destroy by burning all existing literature as a means of keeping the general public from getting dangerous and antisocial ideas. The film received mixed reviews, with most of the criticism leveled at the casting choices and acting abilities. Bradbury himself said he was generally pleased with the film, in spite of its flaws. With its strong commentary on the consequences of censorship, this film remains timeless in its relevance.

It Came From Outer Space (1953)

This film was based on a story treatment by Ray Bradbury, rather than a full-fledged short story. Originally and appropriately titled "The Meteor," the resulting film tells the story of an alien spacecraft being at first mistaken for a meteor when it crashes to Earth. The ensuing disappearances of several townspeople causes the town to begin thinking there may be more than just a meteor crash involved. Reviews have been mostly positive since its release, and the film remains popular as another example of humanity's fear and distrust of the unknown.

The Beast from 20,000 Fathoms (1953)

Based on Bradbury's short story "The Fog Horn" and was one of the early films to inspire a generation of similar creature features. The beast is a fictional dinosaur that is awakened from its arctic hibernation by the testing of an atomic bomb in the Arctic Circle. The beast wreaks havoc down the East coast of North America, culminating in its arrival in New York City. Positive reviews for the film after its original release focused mainly on the special effects, which were considered impressive for their time. Fans of the Godzilla series and Cloverfield type of films will enjoy this original.

Something Wicked This Way Comes (1983)

Friday, 12 June 2015

Blu-ray Review: Killing Jesus

Killing Jesus
Director: Christopher Menaul
Starring: Stephen Moyer, Rufus Sewell, Emmanuelle Chriqui, Kelsey Grammer
Studio: 20th Century Fox Home Entertainment
Release Date: June 2, 2015
Retail: $29.99
Running Time: 132 minutes
Rating: Not Rated
Buy Link: Amazon


Now available to own on Blu-ray and DVD from 20th Century Fox Home Entertainment is Killing Jesus. Directed by Christopher Menaul, the film stars Stephen Moyer, Rufus Sewell, Emmanuelle Chriqui and Kelsey Grammer. Special Features includes - Actor Revelations: The Cast Members Describe Their Characters, Costume Design and Makeup, Production and Location Featurettes, Director's Vision, The Power Struggle of the Time and Behind the Scenes: Killing Jesus.

Based upon the bestselling novel of the same name by Bill O'Reilly and Martin Dugard, Killing Jesus tells the story of  Jesus of Nazareth (played by Haaz Sleiman). The movie was filmed on location in the Moroccan desert and it aired on the National Geographic Channel back on March 29th.

YogaHands - Hand Strengthener & Exerciser Review

Spending a lot of time typing, writing reviews, blogging, etc., puts a lot of strain on my fingers. One of my hobbies is cross stitching (Yep, I know how to use a needle & thread.), but I haven't bee working on any projects lately as my fingers like to cramp up on me. 

That being said, I was eager to try out the YogaHands - Hand Strengthener & Exerciser that I received in the mail to review this month.

The creators of YogaToes®, YogaHands is made from a polycarbonate housing and articulating low-density foam wedges.

What are YogaHands for?

Well, YogaHands are meant to stretch out your fingers. It's very simple to use. All you have to do is to slip your fingers in between the foam wedges and leave them there for fifteen-minutes. It can help with arthritis, carpal tunnel syndrome, tendonitis and chronic hand cramping.

Book Blogger Hop: June 12th - 18th

Book Blogger Hop

Welcome to the new Book Blogger Hop!

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My Answer: 

   Some posts get pre-scheduled, but normally I just set up a draft for a specific day. I've been really busy lately, so I post everything "live" and not ahead of time. 

Linky List:

DVD Review: Turbo FAST: Season One

Turbo FAST: Season One
Studio: Dreamworks Animated
Release Date: June 2, 2015
Retail: $19.98
Running Time: 599 minutes
Rating: Not Rated
Buy Link: Amazon


Now available to own on DVD for the first time is the hit Netflix series DreamWorks Turbo FAST: Season One, featuring all 26 episodes on a 3-disc set.

Based on the  2013 computer-animated film Turbo, Turbo FAST is given a 2D look (animated by Titmouse). Episode One (Crazy Fast) picks up shortly after events of the movie, where the world's fastest snail, Turbo (voiced by Reid Scot) arrives in the snail city that his human friend, Tito (voiced by Amir Talai), built. All of his snail family (including his brother, Chet (voiced by Eric Bauza)) and his friends are there.

Inside the city, there's a cool racetrack for Turbo and his racing pals Whiplash (voiced by John Eric Bentley), Burn (voiced by Grey DeLisle-Griffin), Skidmark (voiced by Amir Talai), White Shadow (voiced by Michael Patrick Bell), and Smoove Move (voiced by Phil LaMarr) to use. Of course Turbo is the fastest snail in the city, but his reign is challenged when a Tiger Beetle named Hardcase challenges him to a racing duel.

The episodes on the three-disc set are:

Disc One:

Crazy Fast
Dungball / Ace of Race
Bumperdome / Broaches
African Queen / Mega Snails
Ants Ants Revolution / Clamsquatch
Turbo Stinks / Snails In Jail
A Tale Of Two Turbos / The Escargot Affair
Surf N Turf / Hardcase Returns

Disc Two:

Turbo Drift
Ready, Set, Glow / Breakneck's Back
Cruise Control / Beat A Fajita
R/C Turbo / Curse of the Cicadas

Tuesday, 9 June 2015

DVD Review - Power Rangers Super Megaforce: Sky Strike

Power Rangers Super Megaforce: Sky Strike
Studio: LionsGate / Saban Brands
Release Date: June 9, 2015
Retail: $14.98
Running Time: 115 minutes
Rating: Not Rated
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Arriving on DVD and Digital Ultraviolet today from LionsGate and Saban Brands is Power Ranger Super Megaforce: Sky Strike, featuring the five final episodes of the Megaforce series before the Legendary Battle finale. There are no extras of special features on the single disc.

Power Rangers Super Megaforce centers on five teenagers (Troy, Noah, Emma, Gia, Jake) being summoned by the supernatural guardian Gosei to defend Earth against an alien invasion by becoming Power Rangers. During the first season the Rangers were aided by Robo Knight until he went vanished into thin air. The second season (known as Super Megaforce) introduced the Silver Ranger, Orion, a human from another planet whom arrives on Earth to help the Rangers defeat the aliens. All the Rangers are given Legendary Keys, giving them the ability to transform into any past Ranger.

The episodes on the DVD are:

In The Driver's Seat - After receiving a distress signal from Corinth (the world from Power Rangers RPM), the Rangers enter a wormhole to Corinth, but in reality it is a trick by Professor Cog, whom locks up the wormhole. While in Corinth, the Rangers find the Turbo Falcon Zord.

All Hail Prince Vekar - The Rangers must fight for their lives when Prince Vekar comes down to Earth with his very own Megazord, which all leads to a final deadly confrontation.

Monday, 8 June 2015

Review - Garden of Life: RAW Meal Chocolate Cacao

Trust me when I say that you need to make sure to get a proper nutrition when you start an intense exercise program. And, no, this doesn't mean you need to starve yourself. Actually, you're going to be even more hungry, so you need to make sure to eat enough healthy foods.

Last week, I received a 1.34 lb container of Garden of Life: RAW Meal Chocolate Cacao, a beyond organic snack and Meal Replacement, which is Non GMO Project Verified.

One container has either 14 servings (scoops) for a snack or 7 servings (2 scoops) as a meal replacement. For a snack, just mix one scoop with 8 ounces of water and for a meal, mix 2 scoops with 16 ounces of water. The meal replacement has 34g of protein, 16g of fiber and several vitamins & minerals (Vitamin A, Calcium, Vitamin D, Vitamin K, Riboflavin, Vitamin B, Pantothenic Acid, Zinic, Manganese, Molybdenum, Vitamin C, Iron, Vitamin E, Thiamin, Niacin, Folate, Biotin, Magnesium, Selenium, Chromium).

The ingredints include:

Organic Raw Sprouted Protein Blend - Organic Sprouted Brown Rice Protein, Organic Sprouted Brown Rice Sweetener, RAW Organic Cacao, Organic Amaranth Sprout, Organic Quinoa Sprout, Organic Millet Sprout, Organic Buckwheat Sprout, Organic Garbanzo Bean Sprout, Organic Lentil Sprout, Organic Adzuki Bean Sprout, Oganic Flax Seed Sprout, O(rganic Sunflower Seed Sprout, Organic Pumpkin Seed Sprout, Organic Chia Seed Sprout, Organic Sesame Seed Sprout, RAW Natural Chocolate Flavor, RAW Orgnaic Stevia (leaf), RAW Organic Vanilla Flavor

Organic RAW Fiber Blend - Organic Flax Fiber, Organic Coconut Fiber

Organic RAW Green Juice Blend - Organic Oat Grass Juice, Organic Alfalfa Grass Juice, Organic Spirulina, Organic Barley Grass Juice, Cracked-Wall Chlorella, Organic Wheat Grass Juice

Organic RAW Antioxidant Blend - Organic Strawberry, Organic Cherry, Organic Blackberry, Oeanic Blueberry, Organic Raspberry, Mixed Tocopherols

RAW Probiotic & Enzyme Blend - Bifdobacterism lactis, Lactobacillus acidophilus (3 Billion CFU), Protease 2,500 HUT, Bromelain 100,000 PU, Acid Protease 10 SAPU, Papain 100,000 PU, Lactobacillus bulgaricus, Saccharomyces crevisiae

DVD Review - Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles: Pulverizer Power

Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles: Pulverizer Power
Studio: Nickelodeon
Release Date: June 9, 2015
Retail: $9.98
Running Time: 70 minutes
Rating: Not Rated
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While the TMNT fans are patiently waiting for the newest batch of episodes to kickoff later this month, they can bide their time with this week's DVD release of Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles: Pulverizer Power, featuring three action-packed episodes from the Nickelodeon hit computer-animated series.

This single-disc DVD centers on all the episodes that center on the teenage human superhero-wannabe, The Pulverizer.

The episodes include:

The Pulverizer - The TMNT meet their first fanboy, a teenager dressed in a homemade TMNT costume. He calls himself "The Pulverizer" and thinks he knows martial arts, but he actually doesn't know a thing about fighting and just causes trouble for the turtles.

The Pulverizer Returns - The Foot Clan have recruited their newest member - The Pulverizer, whom is undercover to help the turtles stop Shredder from creating an army of mutants.

Monday Morning Madness #56: Please, No More Rain!

Yes, it's been awhile since I've written a Monday morning post; nearly two whole months. I guess I've just been too busy and have forgotten about it. Actually, I'm writing this post just after midnight as I want to make sure it goes live in the early morning hours. 

If you live in the Midwest, like I do, then I bet you're sick and tired all the freakin' rain! The garage and basement (where my bedroom is) has flooded twice last week. No, the gutters weren't clogged. It just rained that much! I don't have a rain gauge, but I'm guessing the rain has been somewhere between 8-12 inches! While it was flooding, I was using a carpet cleaner to suck up all the water so it wouldn't to far beyond the garage. Once the rain finally quit, I used a garage broom to try to push the water down the driveway. 

I've been running the dehumidifier on "high" and it has helped remove most of the rain smell. Unfortunately, I noticed that some water had gotten into my bedroom carpet on Friday night and it started to spread quickly. I tried my best to soak it up, but it was ruined. Therefore, I had to remove a big chuck of the carpet on Sunday afternoon. I'm planning on rising early today and finishing the job, which is going to be a big pain as I need to remove all the furniture. 

Sunday, 7 June 2015

Muscle Mauler Max Review

I'm sure almost everyone has heard of a foam roller, which is used by physical therapists and athletes to massage overused muscles. The rollers can be purchased anywhere that carries fitness products.

Recently, I received the Muscle Mauler Max, a deep tissue foam roller, which is made by Master Of Muscle.

While most foam rollers are made from
100% foam, the Muscle Mauler Max has EVA foam built around a 24" x 5" long heavy plastic pipe. What makes this standout from other rollers is it's unique bumpy matrix design, which will reach greater dual pressure zones, giving your muscles the ultimate massage.

It can be used on your neck, knees, quads, lower and upper back, shoulders and hamstrings to help to get rid of any kinks you might have from exercising. It can also be used as way to stretch your body out before running, yoga, Pilates, cross fitness, P90X and any other workout program.