Saturday, December 22, 2018

What the Heck is "Saturday Takeover!"?

You're probably wondering what the heck is a Saturday Takeover!
Well, Saturday Takeover! will be a post reserved for authors and filmmakers! 

As many of you might already know, I made the decision in October 2018 not to participate in book spotlights, book blasts, cover reveals, and release day blitzes.
Why the change of heart?

There are several reasons why I no longer wanted to participate in those types of posts, but I'm not going to list them all here. Search for past "Monday Morning Madness!" posts and you can read about the many reasons why. I will say those types of posts feel a bit too spammy. All bloggers signed to book tours received the same basic information for each book and post almost the exact same thing. I want this blog to stand out from the others! 

What exactly is a Saturday Takeover! post?

A "Saturday Takeover!" will be a guest post written by an author or filmmaker! That means you get to take over my blog for a Saturday. To be more precise, you get to have one guest spot to vent about whatever your heart desires! However, it would probably be best if your topic is related to your book or film project in some shape or form.

Guidelines for a Saturday Takeover! post include:

*Keep It PG-13! 

*300 to 1,000 words

*Include an Author Bio

*Include URLs (author website, Facebook page, Twitter, etc.)

*Include Purchase URLs (Amazon, Barnes & Noble, etc.)

*Include images/photos (book cover, author photos, etc.)

Any author or filmmaker interested in a guest spot can email me at with "Saturday Takeover!" in the subject.

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