About Me

Why is every blogger required to have an "About Me" page? Are you wanting to stalk me? Are you trying to steal my identity? Or are those just plots from cliched novels and campy LIFETIME movies?

I'm taking a wild guess you've stumbled upon this blog via a magical vortex or a search engine. Then there are the others who want me to review their books or films. At least that's what the "mystic seer" has foretold.

To whoever you might be, welcome to my digital oasis! Or what the humans refer to as a blog.

Who is Coffee Addicted Writer?

I arrived in this world in the fall of 1981 with the name Billy. Not William! My first name has and always will be Billy. Do you hear that, Ms. Whittaker? Your 1st-grade student's name isn't William! It's Billy!

Am I going a bit too far back in the time machine?

I spent most of my youth reading spooky tales by R. L. Stine and staying up past midnight to watch Michael Myers wreak havoc on the poor souls of Haddonfield before venturing into the bloodcurdling world of Stephen King. Thanks to being bullied all-through high school, I stumbled upon the haunting writings of John Saul and the erotic vampire tales of Anne Rice. In a sudden twist of fate, Amish romances and the Gothic sagas by V. C. Andrews became my only escape from the madness of the world. Cat Who mysteries and countless fluffs by James Patterson soon followed, but eventually, I made my way back to horror delights.

I've tried my hand at writing short stories to a little publication success, though I guarantee you've read none of them. I wrote most of these tales for children and appeared in ezines that are no more. Believe it or not, the werewolf short story, Full Moon, won a "Granny Award" in 2009 from the Stories for Children Magazine. My only romance story, My Dearest Love, is in the anthology Passionate Hearts. My ghostly tale of dread, "The Long Walk," appeared in the "Flash!" anthology. (Warning: Don't go looking for them, as they're both out-of-print.) The young adult zombie short "Night of the Babysitter" found its way into the anthology "Children of the Dead." The Goosebumps-inspired scare "Halloween Dare" crept its way into the "Ghostly Tales of Terror" anthology. My twisted splatterpunk, "The Leed's Devil" is in the "How: Dark Tales of Feral and Infernal" anthology.

Ramblings of a Coffee Addicted Writer debuted to the world on April 1st, 2009.

Why start a blog?

A long time ago in a galaxy far, far away. . . .

I had a small MSN reading group, where book lovers from around this lonely world could sit back, relax, and vent about their favorite reads. Then the powers-to-be shut down their group services, leaving me without a sanctuary. Thus I created this blog!

Here, you can find my weird thoughts on books, movies, and whatever else the Lament Configuration puzzle box lets me unlock from the darkest corners of my mind.