Tuesday, 9 June 2015

DVD Review - Power Rangers Super Megaforce: Sky Strike

Power Rangers Super Megaforce: Sky Strike
Studio: LionsGate / Saban Brands
Release Date: June 9, 2015
Retail: $14.98
Running Time: 115 minutes
Rating: Not Rated
Buy Link: Amazon


Arriving on DVD and Digital Ultraviolet today from LionsGate and Saban Brands is Power Ranger Super Megaforce: Sky Strike, featuring the five final episodes of the Megaforce series before the Legendary Battle finale. There are no extras of special features on the single disc.

Power Rangers Super Megaforce centers on five teenagers (Troy, Noah, Emma, Gia, Jake) being summoned by the supernatural guardian Gosei to defend Earth against an alien invasion by becoming Power Rangers. During the first season the Rangers were aided by Robo Knight until he went vanished into thin air. The second season (known as Super Megaforce) introduced the Silver Ranger, Orion, a human from another planet whom arrives on Earth to help the Rangers defeat the aliens. All the Rangers are given Legendary Keys, giving them the ability to transform into any past Ranger.

The episodes on the DVD are:

In The Driver's Seat - After receiving a distress signal from Corinth (the world from Power Rangers RPM), the Rangers enter a wormhole to Corinth, but in reality it is a trick by Professor Cog, whom locks up the wormhole. While in Corinth, the Rangers find the Turbo Falcon Zord.

All Hail Prince Vekar - The Rangers must fight for their lives when Prince Vekar comes down to Earth with his very own Megazord, which all leads to a final deadly confrontation.

Vrak Is Back, Part 1 - Thought to be dead, Vrak returns to Earth and is determined to revenge his brother's death by reprogramming Robo Knight to destroy the Rangers.

Vrak Is Back, Part 2 - Vrak has placed two huge drills on Earth and when he launches the third, Earth will be destroyed. The Rangers must free Robo Knight from Vrak's control and rescue Orion before the third drill is released.

Emperor Mavro - Just when the Rangers thought the armada was destroyed, Emperor Mavro arrives with a bigger fleet to finish what his sons had started. He sends Damaras to Earth to destroy the Rangers once and for all.

The Megaforce seasons received mixed-reactions fans, whom criticized the acting, the wardrobe (the Rangers always wear the same clothes), no character development and silly villains. Nevertheless, being an older fan, I enjoyed the throwback to the previous Rangers throughout the Super Megaforce season. The five episodes featured on the Sky Strike DVD brings the ongoing plot of the alien armada to a close, setting up for the Legendary Battle (which will be released to DVD in August). Overall, I enjoyed watching the all the episodes on Power Rangers Super Megaforce: Sky Strike and I recommend it to other fans of all ages.

*Disclaimer - I received a complimentary copy in exchange for my honest review. All opinions are my own.

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