Monday, 8 June 2015

Monday Morning Madness #56: Please, No More Rain!

Yes, it's been awhile since I've written a Monday morning post; nearly two whole months. I guess I've just been too busy and have forgotten about it. Actually, I'm writing this post just after midnight as I want to make sure it goes live in the early morning hours. 

If you live in the Midwest, like I do, then I bet you're sick and tired all the freakin' rain! The garage and basement (where my bedroom is) has flooded twice last week. No, the gutters weren't clogged. It just rained that much! I don't have a rain gauge, but I'm guessing the rain has been somewhere between 8-12 inches! While it was flooding, I was using a carpet cleaner to suck up all the water so it wouldn't to far beyond the garage. Once the rain finally quit, I used a garage broom to try to push the water down the driveway. 

I've been running the dehumidifier on "high" and it has helped remove most of the rain smell. Unfortunately, I noticed that some water had gotten into my bedroom carpet on Friday night and it started to spread quickly. I tried my best to soak it up, but it was ruined. Therefore, I had to remove a big chuck of the carpet on Sunday afternoon. I'm planning on rising early today and finishing the job, which is going to be a big pain as I need to remove all the furniture. 

Hopefully, the carpet removal won't take too long as I'm majorly behind on reviewing a few books (which needs to be read) and I have several other products/DVDs that need to get reviewed today! 

Well, I better sign off here as I have a few things to finish up before I head to bed. Hopefully, I won't have any bad dreams featuring ufos and aliens or rain!

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