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Monday, January 15, 2018

Review - Self Love Yoga: 369 Days of Evolving with Radical Self Love

Now available on Amazon Kindle is Self Love Yoga: 369 Days of Evolving with Radical Self Love by Phoebe Del Mar!

Typically, I wouldn't even be interested in reading a book like this, but I'm trying to involve this year, so I thought I would give the book a chance.

Let me start out by saying this isn't a "Yoga" book. If you're looking to read a book about practicing Yoga or looking for new Yoga exercises, this isn't the book for you. Instead the book is about "radical self love"  or learning to love yourself.

In the book there are 369 affirmations, which you'll read one to yourself everyday, multiple times per day. These affirmations are all nice sayings that'll teach you to love yourself. Additionally, there are some days where there will be questions for you to answer about yourself.

For example, day one asks: "Am I being mindful of my thoughts? Am I being mindful of my actions? Am I being mindful of my emotions?"

Final Thoughts

Saturday, June 20, 2015

Yoga Sweat: Powerful And Fun Yoga Weight Loss Review

*This is a sponsored review. All opinion are 100% mine.

I've never been very interested in Yoga in the past as I'm not very flexible and it just didn't look like fun to me. However, I started having lower-back problems a few years ago, so that's when I first gave Yoga a try. After a few weeks, my back felt almost 100% better. I now try to include at least one Yoga workout a week.

Last month, I was sent the Yoga Sweat: Powerful And Fun Yoga Weight Loss DVD to test out and review. The workout DVD is created by Yoga trainer Julia Schoen, author and founder of The DVD features two 30-minute workouts, along with a bonus warm-up and cool-down videos.

The two 30-minute workouts are called "Session 1" and "Session 2." "Session 1" focuses on helping you burn calories by building heat throughout your body through effective poses that will tone and strengthen your legs and glutes. "Session 2" challenges you with vigorous sequences of poses that will strengthen your arms, back and core. It also features balance moves and tummy toners.

Saturday, June 7, 2014

DVD Review: Shiva Rea: Meditations

*This is a sponsored review. All opinions are 100% mine.

Arriving on DVD this week from ACORN MEDIA is Shiva Rea Meditations, featuring over 100 minutes of medications to mix & match with Shiva Rea's Matrix. These practices are a great way to rejuvenate the mind and body.

Shiva Rea is considered "one of the world's greatest yoga masters" according to Vanity Fair. Her newest DVD release, Shiva Rea: Meditations, is a collection of meditations from several of her award-winning DVDs. From the Greek Island to the New Mexico's White Sands National Park, Shiva instructs you on how to have a calm oasis, where you can leave all the stress and worries in your life behind, so your body can restore itself.

The practices on the DVD can be viewed separately or you can select as many of the practices as you want, creating your own Matrix. You can also choose the pre-set practices.

The practices on this single disc are:

Friday, May 31, 2013

DVD Review - YOGA for Strength & Energy

YOGA for Strength & Energy 
Studio: Acorn Media
Release Date: November 20, 2012
Run Time: 57 minutes

Rating: Not Rated


Memorial Day officially kicks off the start of summer (though the actual first day of summer is June 21). For those of us who still haven't worked off those unwanted winter pounds, this means we'll have to try to work off those extra pounds with gardening, mowing the yard, going on hikes, etc. Last year, I started a high intensity workout program, which resulted in some knee pains and a strained back. Therefore, I have been looking into workouts that will help me fix those troubled areas.

Recently, I had a chance to review the Yoga for Strength & Energy from Acorn Media, who sent me a free copy in exchange for my honest review. The yoga workout is instructed by a Canyon Ranch instructor consisting of two full workouts, a cool down, and a bonus stretch workout, which are intended to increase your strength; help you stretch, tone and sculpt your body, all while you burn calories and build muscles.

The workouts on this DVD are:

Friday, May 17, 2013

"It Ain't Your MaMa's YOGA!"

After having a few back strains from doing high intensity exercises, I started looking into alternative workouts, such as yoga. I've never been the biggest the fan of yoga, mostly because I'm inflexible, but I did a few downward dog routines and it helped my back.

For the past month, I have been trying out the new workout program called DDP Yoga, which I received free of charge in exchange for my honest thoughts. I received the workout kit fairly quickly by USPS, which contained four DVDs in two cardboard sleeves, a reference wall chart featuring all the basic moves, and a fitness guide book.

DDP Yoga was created by the former WCW and WWF wrestler Diamond Dallas Page, famous for his finishing Diamond Cutter move. He suffered from many wrestling injures, which would normally result in a wrestler retiring, but instead he tried doing yoga and got back into fighting shape. Now, he has created a 13-week program to help others get into shape.

The workouts included in this program are: