Friday, May 17, 2013

"It Ain't Your MaMa's YOGA!"

After having a few back strains from doing high intensity exercises, I started looking into alternative workouts, such as yoga. I've never been the biggest the fan of yoga, mostly because I'm inflexible, but I did a few downward dog routines and it helped my back.

For the past month, I have been trying out the new workout program called DDP Yoga, which I received free of charge in exchange for my honest thoughts. I received the workout kit fairly quickly by USPS, which contained four DVDs in two cardboard sleeves, a reference wall chart featuring all the basic moves, and a fitness guide book.

DDP Yoga was created by the former WCW and WWF wrestler Diamond Dallas Page, famous for his finishing Diamond Cutter move. He suffered from many wrestling injures, which would normally result in a wrestler retiring, but instead he tried doing yoga and got back into fighting shape. Now, he has created a 13-week program to help others get into shape.

The workouts included in this program are:

Diamond Dozen: Here you get to learn all the key 13 moves that are used throughout the program. I found it to be too slow, but anyone just starting out with the program should start with it.

Energy: This 20-minute workout was designed especially for beginners, which uses the routines you used in Diamond Dozen, but the more deeply you sink into each position, the more intense it can get.

Fat Burner: Everybody wants to get rid of unwanted fat. This 25-minute sweat poring workout will get the job done.

Below the Belt: Designed more for women, but men can still get results from this butt and thigh workout.

Diamond Cutter: Named after Diamond Dallas Page's signature move, this workout focuses on the entire body while building strength and increasing flexibility.

Wake Up: I'm not a morning person, so I wasn't too thrilled about an early AM workout, but it turned out to be a great workout.

Stand Up!: I don't have the best of knees, so I naturally enjoyed this 30-minute that focuses on your balance, and like the title says, you're standing all the way through it.

Strength Builder: This is not a workout for beginners as it is 95-minute workout that will help you improve knees, hips, shoulders, and back.

Red Hot Core: The 15-minute workout is meant to help get rid of your unwanted gut by building up your core strength. It is found on discs 2 and 4.

Mix Tape: The 30-minute workout takes the hardest routines from all the workouts and combines into one.

Double Back Diamond: This is the most challenging workout in the program, at least for me it was. It is not for beginners.

DDP Yoga isn't your typical Yoga workout with boring routines. I've tried a few other yoga workouts that are too long or just not my cup of tea, because most of the routines require you to already be flexible. DDP Yoga was made for men to actually like doing yoga. I had to view the Diamond Dozen several times so I could get the routines down correctly before I started the rest of the program, which there is a beginner, intermediate and an advanced workout schedules. I never thought I would sweat during yoga, but I did on several occasions, especially during Fat Burner and Double Black Diamond, which I recommend for advanced users. The fitness guide explains each workout, what foods to eat, what foods to avoid, portion sizes, the basic meal plan guides for all phases, several recipes (including DDP Yoga Juicing), a food journal, and a workout journal. DDP Yoga is a fun, but at times challenging program that can increase your flexibility and help you loose weight. Overall, I enjoyed trying the program for the past month. I was able to get rid of some kinks in my lower back and I can bend farther than before. I recommend the program to everyone looking to get fit.

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