Saturday, 7 June 2014

DVD Review: Shiva Rea: Meditations

*This is a sponsored review. All opinions are 100% mine.

Arriving on DVD this week from ACORN MEDIA is Shiva Rea Meditations, featuring over 100 minutes of medications to mix & match with Shiva Rea's Matrix. These practices are a great way to rejuvenate the mind and body.

Shiva Rea is considered "one of the world's greatest yoga masters" according to Vanity Fair. Her newest DVD release, Shiva Rea: Meditations, is a collection of meditations from several of her award-winning DVDs. From the Greek Island to the New Mexico's White Sands National Park, Shiva instructs you on how to have a calm oasis, where you can leave all the stress and worries in your life behind, so your body can restore itself.

The practices on the DVD can be viewed separately or you can select as many of the practices as you want, creating your own Matrix. You can also choose the pre-set practices.

The practices on this single disc are:

Meditations Matrix
  • Solar 
    • Solar #1 (5 min.)
    • Agnic Fire (3 min)
    • Solar #2 (10 min)
    • Lunar #1 (5 min)
    • Prana Flow #1 (7 min)
    • Lunar #2 (10 min)
  • Opening 
    • Opening (11 min)
    • Body Blessings (7 min)
  •  Healing Movements
    • Core Awakening (5 min)
    • Energizing Heart Movements (3 min)
    • Healing for Women (7 min)
    • Spiral (7 min)
  • Chanting
    • Pranayama with Chanting (9 min)
  • Prana
    • Prana Row #2 (11 min)
  • Mudra
    • Mudra (6 min)
  • Shavasana
    • Shavasana (5 min)
  • Bonus
    • Creative Flow (22 minutes) 
Pre-Set Practices
  • Solar (30 min)
  • Lunar (36 min)
I am very new to yoga and I have to admit that I don't practice very often, though I do enjoy the workouts. The Shavasana part at the end isn't my favorite, as I either get bored or fall asleep, but Shiva Rea breathes new life into the meditation process. Overall, I have enjoyed adding the Shiva Rea: Meditations at the end of my workouts. It is a great way to relax and improve your health.

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