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Blu-ray Review: The 6 Degrees Collection (Kevin Bacon)

Mill Creek Entertainment; AMAZON
Now available on Blu-ray from Mill Creek Entertainment is The 6 Degrees Collection ($19.96), featuring six movies all starring Kevin Bacon.

The movies on the 2-disc set are:

The Big Picture (1989; PG-13; 101 minutes) - Directed by Christopher Guest, Kevin Bacon stars Nick Chapman, a Midwest film student who wins a student film contest in LA. After winning, Hollywood execs are all wanting to produce his new "big" movie idea. While everything is a fun at first, Nick quickly sees the darker side of Hollywood as his life begins to unravel.

Flatliners (1990; R; 114 minutes) - Directed by Joel Schumacher, the film centers five medical students (played by Keven Bacon, Julia Roberts, William Baldwin, Keifer Sutherland, and Oliver Platt) who are studying near-death experiences. Each one becomes a test subject, which they are flatlined for a short time before being brought back from death. Shortly after being rived, they begin to have frightening visions that threatens their lives.

Hollow Man (2000; R; 112 minutes) - Directed by Paul Verhoeven and inspired by H. G. Wells' novel The Invisible Man, the film centers on a team of scientist working on an invisibility serum in an underground laboratory. When the government threatens to cut their funding, Scientist Sebastian Caine (played by Kevin Bacon) becomes the first human test subject. After having his team turn him invisible, he seems to be perfectly fine. However, the longer he stays invisible, the crazier he becomes. Eventually, he turns into a serial killer; taking out his team one by one. The movie also stars Elisabeth Shue, Josh Brolin, Kim Dickens, Joey Slotnick, and William Devane.

Trapped (2002; R; 106 minutes) - Directed by Luis Mandoki, based on the book 24 Hours by  Greg Iles, the film centers on Joe Hickey (played by Kevin Bacon and his cousin Marvin (played by Pruitt Taylor Vince) kidnapping Abby (played by a young Dakota Fanning), a daughter of Dr. Will and Karen Jennings (played by Stuart Townsend and Charlize Theron). While Marvin takes Abby to a isolated cabin to hold her hostage, Joe torments Karen. As for Will, he was away on business when the kidnapping occurred. Joe sends his wife Cheryl (played by Courtney Love) to give Will their demands and to make sure he doesn't contact the authorities.

In The Cut (2003; R; 119 minutes) - Directed by Jane Campion, based on the book of the same name by Susanna Moore, the film centers on Frannie Avery (played by Meg Ryan), a high school teacher and writer who finds herself entangled in a murder mystery plot after witness a sexual act in a bar bathroom. Kevin Bacon has a very small uncredited role in the film.

What The Truth Lies (2005; R; 107 minutes) - Directed by Atom Egoyan, based on the book of the same name by Rupert Holmes, the film centers on around the murder of a college student in 1957, but her body isn't discovered until 1972. A journalist Karen O'Connor begins investigating the murder, which leads her to the comedy duo Lanny Morris and Vince Collins (played by Kevin Bacon and Colin Firth).

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The Friday 56: The Wedding Quilt Bride


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"We're never too busy for you, Jessie," Leah said. "You'll come and have coffee one day this week, ain't so?

page 56, The Wedding Quilt Bride by Marta Perry

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Thursday, 29 November 2018

Holiday Gift Guide: Mary Higgins Clark: 14 Film Collection

Mill Creek Entertainment; Amazon

Mary Higgins Clark is one of most beloved modern mystery writers. Soon to be 91-years-old next month, "The Queen of Suspense" has sold over 100 million copies of her novels in the U.S. alone.

Many of her books have been turned into movies over the years.

Earlier this year, Mill Creek Entertainment released the six-disc DVD set Mary Higgins Clark: 14 Film Collection ($29.98), featuring four theatrical film adaptations and ten made-for-television movies.

The titles on the DVD set include:

Where Are The Children?
(R; 97 minutes)
The Cradle Will Fall
(PG-13; 94 minutes)
Lucky Day
(PG-13; 94 minutes)
Loves Music, Loves To Dance
(PG-13; 94 minutes)
All Around The Town
(PG-13; 94 minutes)
Pretend You Don't See Her
(PG-13; 93 minutes)
You Belong To Me
 (PG-13; 93 minutes)
We'll Meet Again
(PG-13; 94 minutes)
I'll Be Seeing You
(PG-13; 93 minutes)
Before I Say Goodbye
(PG-13; 94 minutes)
Haven't We Met Before
(R; 94 minute)
Try To Remember
(R; 94 minutes)
A Crime Of Passion
(PG-13; 95 minutes)
He Sees you When You're Sleeping
(PG; 95 minutes)

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Wednesday, 28 November 2018

Holiday Gift Guide: Maze Runner Trilogy Gift Set

Does anyone actually remember seeing any advertisements for 2014's The Maze Runner?

I for one don't recall seeing one advertisement for the film or for the two sequels (The Scorch Trials and The Death Cure). I wasn't aware of the franchise, which is based on the Young Adult book series by James Dashner, until recently. Yeah, I know, I must be living under a rock or something.

The Maze Runner Trilogy is now available on a Blu-ray + DVD + Digital + Limited Edition Bandana Gift Set from 20th Century Fox Home Entertainment.

The Maze Runner is set in a futurist dystopian world where a teenager named Thomas (played by Dylan O'Brien) wakes up inside an underground elevator that takes him to the grassy area known as the  "Glade," which is surrounded by stone walls. There are man other teenage males there, who have formed a society. Once a month, the elevator will come up with food, supplies, and a new boy. The only way to escape the Glade is through a mysterious maze that is guarded by creatures.

The Scorch Trials picks up directly after the end of The Maze Runner, where Thomas and the other Glade survivors find themselves on the run from the WCKD, an government organization who wants to experiment on them. To survive, they must travel though the city ruins and locate the Right Arm, a small resistance army.

The Death Cure concludes the trilogy with Thomas, Newt (played by Thomas Brodie-Sangster), and Frypan (played by Dexter Darden) searching for a way to get through the walls of the Last City, so they can rescue their friend Minho (played by Ki Hong Lee), who is being experimented on by WCKD.

Special Features on the set include:

The Maze Runner
  • Audio Commentary by Director Wes Ball and Co-Screenwriter T.S. Nowlin
  • Deleted Scenes Optional Commentary by Wes Ball
  • Navigating the Maze: The Making of The Maze Runner Documentary
  • The Chuck Diaries 
  • Gag Reel
  • Visual Effects Reel
  • Ruin Short Film
  • Still Galleries and Storyboards

The Scorch Trials
  • Audio Commentary by Director Wes Ball, Screenwriter T.S. Nowlin, Producer Joe Hartwick Jr. and Film Editor Don Zimmerman
  • Janson's Report-CLASSIFIED Debriefing Videos
  • Deleted and Extended Scenes with Optional Commentary
  • Secrets of the Scorch 6-Part Documentary
  • Gag Reel
  • Visual Effects Reel
  • Concept Art and Storyboard

The Death Cure
  • Deleted and Extended Scenes
  • Unlocking the Cure
    • The Final Run
    • Dystopia: The Completed World
    • Allies Reunited
    • A Look Back: The Director's Journey
  • Going Out on Top
  • Visual Effects Breakdowns
  • Visual Effects Reel
  • Gag Reel
  • Audio Commentary by Wes Ball, T.S. Nowlin and Joe Hartwick Jr.
  • Gallery

Final Thoughts

Midnight Horror Review: #FromJennifer

Welcome midnighters and horror lovers to my Midnight Horror Review.

On a rare occasion I will receive a product, book, or even a movie out of the blue; something that I had never requested to review. Back in the spring of 2017, I had received three horror DVDs from Sector 5 Films, which one of those titles happened to #FromJennifer. Out of the three, this horror comedy is the only one that I had actually watched at the time, but I never got around to writing the review for it. The envelope which contained these DVDs got lost, well, until I stumbled upon while cleaning last week.

Produced, written, and directed by Frank Merle, #FromJennifer (80 minutes) stars Danielle Taddei, Tony Todd, Derek Mears, Aaron Abrams, and Meghan Deanna Smith.

The film centers around Jennifer Peterson (played by Danielle Taddei), a struggling actress who was recently fired from a horror film. Her manager (played by Tony Todd) suggests she should start a video blog to gain some fans and maybe even get the attention of a few producers and directors.

Shortly after uploading her first vlog to the world, her manager dumps her because of a rumored sex tape, which was released by her ex-boyfriend. Feeling humiliated and betrayed, Jennifer sets out to make a "'Revenge Porn Revenge" video, which she gets a bit of help from her new assistant, Butch (played by Derek Mears), a clueless idiot who is very loyal to her cause.

Final Thoughts

I guess technically #FromJennifer is third the installment in Section 5 Films' Jennifer series, which started with To Jennifer in 2013 and followed by 2 Jennifer in 2016. #From Jennifer is standalone film and is only connected to the other films by name, which is a good thing as those films sucked!

Despite it's low budget, questionable acting, and silly plot, #FromJennifer is somewhat entertaining at times. While there isn't much horror in the film, there's plenty of blood to go around. Derek Mears as the doofus sidekick is the best part of the movie. Horror legend Tony Todd is in it for only a few minutes as Jennifer's manager.

Overall, #FromJennifer is a surprisingly likeable horror comedy. If you don't expect too much from the film, you might actually enjoy watching it.

*Note - I received a review copy from the studio.
All opinion are my own.

Tuesday, 27 November 2018

Holiday Gift Guide: How To Be A Perfect Christian

Since I started this blog nearly ten years ago, I get a lot of random books sent to me. When I say random, I'm talking about books I had never requesedt to review, which includes the satire How To Be A Perfect Christian by The Babylon Bee (Multnomah; $19.99).

Here's the blurb from the back cover:

Do you dream of becoming the poster kid for Christian perfection? Then get ready to be baptized in the glorious waters of modern Christian Culture!

How to Be a Perfect Christian is a step-by-step guide to grow you up from a clueless Christ-follower into a supercharged megabeliever. Discover how to:

*Join The Right Church - See how to ditch that group of hopeless losers holding you back and find a church that's built around you.

 *Vet Your Pastor - Assess his command of sermon acronyms and alliteration - plus his grasp of dynamic gestures.

*Worship Like A Pro - Find out how to have a worship experience that leaves you with that all-important, addicting emotional high.

*Do Life Together - Master the art of never letting anyone get close enough to your life to see what a mess it is below the surface.

Wait! There's Much More - like acting the church potluck and serving the church without lifting a finger. This book is filled with everything you need to be your best spiritual self, even a free inspirational coloring page!

Final Thoughts

Monday, 26 November 2018

Holiday Gift Guide: Ellie Claire Art Journals

Coming up with an unique gift for the holidays for a family member or friend can be a bit of challenge. This is one of the reasons why I started an annual Holiday Gift Guide on this blog, so I can help other people pick out the perfect gift for their loved ones.

I am recommending "journals" as a Christmas gifts. Journals can be either cheap or expensive, all depending on what type you are buying.

Today, I am highlighting three beautiful Ellie Claire Art Journals from Worthy Publishing Group - Illuminate Your Story Journal ($18.99; Amazon, B&N), The Illustrated Word: An Illuminated Bible Coloring Journal ($15.99; Amazon, B&N), and Faith & Lettering Journal ($15.99, Amazon, B&N).

Illuminate Your Story Journal is a lot more than just your average journal. It's a step-by-step guide to teach you how to draw illuminated letters, like the ones that once adorned the pages of books and Bibles. The first few pages gives you an introduction and a brief history lesson about the world of illuminating. Then you are given instructions on how to use the journal. In six steps, you'll learn how to illuminate each letter in the alphabet. Plus, you'll learn how to draw a flourish shape with leaves. There is a two-page journal entry after each letter, where you can put your new illumining skills to use.

The Illustrated Word: An Illuminated Bible Coloring Journal is a coloring book journal. There are forty illustrations to color in the 160 page journal that are recreations of the ones found in ancient manuscripts. It also features fully-colored illustrations from the archives of the Museum of the Bible.

Faith & Lettering Journal features a step-by-step guide to teach you the basis of hand-lettering. The
journal has a short introduction by the author Krystal Whitten. There are several exercises through throughout the journal that will help you learn to hand-letter beautiful letters, saying, and phrases. There are also Pro Tips which will show how to draw banners, leaves, flowers, arrows, bibles, etc.. Lastly, there are many lined pages where you can put your hand-lettering skills to the test.

Final Thoughts

The Ellie Claire Art Journals are high-quality journals with sturdy hardcovers. My favorite out the three is Illuminate Your Story Journal, only because of the "History of Illuminated Letters" section at the very beginning of the journal. I've always been fascinated about illuminated letters and now I can learn how to create these marvelous letters.

Faith & Lettering Journal and The Illustrated Word: An Illuminated Bible Coloring Journal are both gorgeous journals in their own rights. Faith & Lettering Journal has easy to follow tracing and drawing instructions for making letters and phrases. The Illustrated Word features very detailed illustrations to color. The actual journal pages are beautiful.

Overall, if you're looking a great gift this holiday season, I recommend getting the Ellie Claire Art Journals.

*Note : I received a complimentary copy of each journal for review purposes. 
All opinions are my own.

It's Monday! What Are You Reading?

It's Monday! What Are You Reading? is a weekly meme 
hosted by The Book Date.

What Am I Currently Reading?

I was busy last week with countless errands, Thanksgiving, and Black Friday shopping, so I never got around to reading Girls of Paper and Fire. I just started reading the book last night.

I'm still on page 78 of American Mirror: The Life and Art of Norman Rockwell by Deborah Soloman.

What am I reading next?

Sunday, 25 November 2018

Holiday Gift Guide: Garfield 2019 Day-to-Day Calendar

Giving someone a simple calendar for Christmas might feel like a shallow gift at first, but there are so many different kinds of calendars out there, you can easily personalize it. There are calendars featuring sports, movies, television series, cartoon characters, superheros, animals, landscapes, and just about anything your heart can imagined.

Andrews McMeel Publishing releases a huge variety of wall and desk calendars each and every year, including the Garfield 2019 Day-to-Day Calendar ($14.99 USD; $18.99 CAD; $24.99 AUD; $26.99 NZD; €11.99 UK).

Created by Jim Davis, Garfield has been entertaining millions of fans since the fat cat first debuted in 1978. It's now the world's most syndicated comic strip and has spawned an slew of merchandise. From 1982 to 1991, the character starred in 12 animated specials. A popular Saturday morning cartoon series, Garfield & Friends, aired from 1988 to 1994. Two CGI/live-action films and three direct-to-video movies have been released, as well as a short-lived CGI animated series, The Garfield Show.

"February 21, 2019"
The Garfield 2019 Day-to-Day Calendar measures 6.2 x 1.6 x 5.2 inches and features 365 days of Garfield comic strips, which were original published in newspapers in 2015. Each daily comic is colorized with a "Garfield" log on the very top of the page and an image of Odie hugging Garfield in the lower right corner.

There's a "Daily Extra" on the back every page, featuring fun facts, world play of the day, jokes, quotes, trivia, puzzles, and other games.

All major holidays are listed on specific dates. All Jewish holidays begin at sundown the previous day.

The paper used to make the calendar came from FSC (Forest Stewardship Council) approved sources. 

"March 22, 2019"

Final Thoughts

Blu-ray Review: Can't Hardly Wait: 20 Year Reunion Edition


Are you ready for a blast from the past?

The 1998 teen comedy Can't Hardly Wait (PG-13; 100 minutes; $14.98) is now available on a "20th Year Reunion Edition Blu-ray," which was recently released by Mill Creek Entertainment.

Written and directed by Deborah Kaplan & Harry Elfont, the movie stars Ethan Embry, Charlie Korsmo, Lauren Ambrose, Peter Facinelli, Seth Green, and Jennifer Love Hewitt. It also features special appearances by Jaime Pressly, Selma Blair, Jerry O’Connell, Jenna Elfman, Jason Segel, Freddy Rodriguez, Sean Patrick Thomas, Clea DuVall, Melissa Joan Hart, Breckin Meyer, and Donald Faison.

The movie centers around a high school graduation party, where Preston Meyers (played by Ethan Embry) is planning on declaring his love to his four-year-crush Amanda Beckett (played by Jennifer Love Hewitt), who was recently dumped by her jock boyfriend Mike Dexter (played by Peter Facinelli). Since anyone and everyone is at the party, Preston never gets one second alone with Amanda, so he leaves behind a love letter for her before he goes to the railroad station to leave for Boston.

Attending the party with Preston is his best friend Denise Fleming (played by Lauren Ambrose). She accidentally gets locked in a bathroom with Kenny Fisher (played by Seth Green), who came to the party with the purpose of losing his virginity.

Meanwhile, Mike tries and fails to win Amanda back. Unknowingly to him, the school nerd William Lichter (played by Carlie Korsomo) plans on getting revenge against Mike for bulling him for the last four years.

Bonus Features include:
  • 2 Commentary Tracks featuring the Cast and Filmmakers
  • Huntington Hills Class of '98 Reunion Special
  • The Making of a Teen Class Featurette
  • Deleted Scenes
  • "I Can't Get Enough of You Baby" Music Video by Smash Mouth

Final Thoughts

Sunday Post: November 25, 2018

Sunday Post is a weekly meme hosted by Kimberly @  Caffeinated Book Reviewer!

Good Evening, Everyone!

My Current Reads!

Last week was a little hectic for me with Thanksgiving and Black Friday shopping. I didn't have time to read Girls of Paper and Fire, so I will begin reading it today! I also have a borrowed Fear Street eBook that I would like to read in the next few days.

Reading Update

I'm still on page 78 of American Mirror: The Life and Art of Norman Rockwell.


Last Week's Reviews

(Midnight Horror Review)

(Fall Reads)

(Holiday Gift Guide)

(DVD Review)


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Saturday, 24 November 2018

Great Gifts for Book Lovers!

Great Gifts for Book Lovers

What do you get for a book lover besides books? Maybe you want to get them something extra to go along with a bestseller, or perhaps you are just shopping for yourself.

Books have an amazing way of transporting us into worlds, stories, and meeting characters we would never have the chance to meet here in the real world. Great books are meant to be discussed and shared. There have been so many times that I have set down a newly finished book and wanted to talk about the ideas with someone. Unique artwork based on books has an amazing way of generating conversation. A simple compliment can turn into a friendly discussion between book lovers.

Here are just a few ideas to spark your interest and hopefully give you some ideas for some great book related gifts. They come from a small online store that I started in hopes of bringing books to life and into our everyday conversations. I will share with you a few of my favorites in the collection and talk a bit about the designs.

The Edgar Allan Poe Tote Bag is a subtle yet classy piece for any discerning book or poetry lover. Poe published the 'The Raven' in 1845. It's hard to believe that a work of literature published such a long time ago can still be so relevant today. This tote bag is a crimson red and made of strong polyester with black lining. The words 'Edgar Allan Poe' are displayed in bright white along with a skull and old hardcover book. The raven is perched atop the skull ready to take flight at any moment.

Dante Alighieri wrote Dante's Inferno as part of the Divine Comedy. This Dante's Inferno T-Shirt in a vintage and distressed print. The graphic is an antique gold with your choice of background color. Choose it on a black or navy shirt for one look or a crimson or maroon shirt for a different look entirely. Men's shirts come in sizes S - 5XL. All shirts in the store are 100% cotton for comfort and durability, with the exception of the heathered colors which contain varying amounts of polyester and have a marbled look.

DVD Review: Anime: 3 - Series Collection

Mill Creek Entertainment; AMAZON
Every Saturday morning during the late 1980s and early 1990s, I would wake up early, get a bowl of sugary cereal, sit in front of the television set, and watch mindless animated bliss. Well, that was back when network TV actually aired cartoons.

While there are still cartoons being aired on cable channels, as an adult, I have no interest in watching any of them.

Why the change of heart?

I just don't care very much for today's animation styles and many of the new cartoons are way too silly for me.

This morning I found myself watching a few episodes on the Anime: 3-Series Collection DVD (NOT RATED; 13 hours 52 minutes; $24.98), which was released earlier this year by Mill Creek Entertainment. The 3-disc set includes Ultra Violet: Code 044, Kurozuka, and Viper's Creed.

Ultraviolet: Code 044 is based on the 2006 dystopian science fiction film Ultraviolet starring Milla Jovovich. Created by Madhouse animation studio, the series is centered around 044, a nineteen-year-old female super-solider who was genetically manipulated by a virus which gives her superhuman abilities. The only downside is that her life expectancy is reduced significantly. During the series 12-epsiode run, 044 goes on a mission to destroy the outlaw group Phage.

Based on the Japanese novel of the same name by Baku Yumemakura, Kurozuka is a 12-part series centering around a swordsman named Kuro who falls in love with Kurozuka, a vampire. After being attacked by the Red Imperial Army, Kurozuka attempts to turn an injured Kuro into an immortal. However, things don't go as planned. Kuro awakens to find himself in a future post-nuclear Japan that is controlled by the Red Army.

Viper's Creed is a a mecha action anime series that aired for a few episodes in 2009 (or was it 2008?) before being pulled from the air due to low ratings. Only 12 episodes were produced. The series is set in a post WWIII world where an environmental catastrophe has caused the world's cities to flood. To help rebuild civilization, the governments hired PMCs (Private Military Corporations) to enforce the law. One of the PMC units is called Argon Global Security Corporation, which uses an elite military unit, Viper, to stop terrorism and other violent crimes in Fort Daiva City.

Final Thoughts

Friday, 23 November 2018

Holiday Gift Guide: Ripley's Believe It or Not! A Century of Strange!

Finding the perfect gift for a relative or friend is not an easy task, especially for those who already own just about everything. I recommend getting them a coffee book or even better yet, get them the all-new Ripley's Believe It or Not! A Century of Strange! from Ripley Publishing.

One hundred years ago, Robert Ripley created the first Believe It or Not! cartoon that appeared in the New York Globe, which featured a collection of sports oddities. It wouldn't be until 1929 that the first Believe It or Not! book was published. Ripley Publishing released the very first Ripley's Believe It or Not! annual in 2004."A Century of Strange!" marks the 15th annual.

Retailing at $28.95 (CAN $34.95), "A Century of Strange" features hundreds of stunning photos which chronicles strange and bizarre facts from all over the world. This year's edition opens up with a six-page "A Century of Strange" timeline, which covers the last 100 years of Ripley's Believe It or Not! The facts are separated into six different sections: Believe It!; World; Animals; Pop Culture; People; and Beyond Believe.

*Believe It! features the weirdest things from around the world that are almost too unbelievable to actually believe, such as a car vending machine; a serial killer's head preserved in a jar; and spiders that can hold markers.

*World features a variety of odd places and facts from around the world, such as glowing blue lava in Indonesia; 3,500 symmetrical steps in India; and a stone castle in China.

*Animals features unusual facts about different animals from around the world, such as hummingbird moths; a 60lb macaque monkey; and conjoined bats.

"Animals" - pages 95 & 96

*Pop Culture features different hobbies and lifestyles from around the world, such as the Chester Cheetah Sculpture made out of Cheetos; a Tardis library in Michigan; and lightsaber workout classes.

*People features the amazing oddballs from the around the world, such as an Oregon woman who wears snakes as earrings; a Pennsylvania woman who had a 140lb cyst and 40lb of excess skin removed from her body; and an 80-year-old woman who claims to have the ability to heal people's impaired vision by licking their eyeballs.

*Beyond Belief features everything else that cannot be categorized, such as a horror-themed wedding in Scotland; a viking festival in the Shetland Islands; and a 96lb giant hair ball.

"Pop Culture" - pages 160 & 161


Final Thoughts