Wednesday, 28 November 2018

Midnight Horror Review: #FromJennifer

Welcome midnighters and horror lovers to my Midnight Horror Review.

On a rare occasion I will receive a product, book, or even a movie out of the blue; something that I had never requested to review. Back in the spring of 2017, I had received three horror DVDs from Sector 5 Films, which one of those titles happened to #FromJennifer. Out of the three, this horror comedy is the only one that I had actually watched at the time, but I never got around to writing the review for it. The envelope which contained these DVDs got lost, well, until I stumbled upon while cleaning last week.

Produced, written, and directed by Frank Merle, #FromJennifer (80 minutes) stars Danielle Taddei, Tony Todd, Derek Mears, Aaron Abrams, and Meghan Deanna Smith.

The film centers around Jennifer Peterson (played by Danielle Taddei), a struggling actress who was recently fired from a horror film. Her manager (played by Tony Todd) suggests she should start a video blog to gain some fans and maybe even get the attention of a few producers and directors.

Shortly after uploading her first vlog to the world, her manager dumps her because of a rumored sex tape, which was released by her ex-boyfriend. Feeling humiliated and betrayed, Jennifer sets out to make a "'Revenge Porn Revenge" video, which she gets a bit of help from her new assistant, Butch (played by Derek Mears), a clueless idiot who is very loyal to her cause.

Final Thoughts

I guess technically #FromJennifer is third the installment in Section 5 Films' Jennifer series, which started with To Jennifer in 2013 and followed by 2 Jennifer in 2016. #From Jennifer is standalone film and is only connected to the other films by name, which is a good thing as those films sucked!

Despite it's low budget, questionable acting, and silly plot, #FromJennifer is somewhat entertaining at times. While there isn't much horror in the film, there's plenty of blood to go around. Derek Mears as the doofus sidekick is the best part of the movie. Horror legend Tony Todd is in it for only a few minutes as Jennifer's manager.

Overall, #FromJennifer is a surprisingly likeable horror comedy. If you don't expect too much from the film, you might actually enjoy watching it.

*Note - I received a review copy from the studio.
All opinion are my own.

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