Wednesday, 21 November 2018

Midnight Horror Review: Attack of the Killer Donuts


While cleaning up a pile of junk from my desk, I stumbled upon a blank cardboard DVD envelope, which I had no clue what was inside until I actually opened it. To my surprise, inside the envelope was a DVD-R copy of Attack of the Killer Donuts that was sent to me by Level 33 Entertainment. I had completely forgotten about having the movie!

My apologizes to Level 33 Entertainment for my extremely long delay with this review!

Directed by Scott Wheeler, the film stars Justin Ray, Kayla Compton, Ben Heyman, Kassandra Voyagi, Fredrick Burn, C. Thomas Howell, and Michael Swan.

Attack of the Killer Donuts centers around a twenty-something Johnny, a slacker who lives with his mother and Uncle Luther, a scientist. He spends his days working at a local doughnut shop with his friend Michelle, who has a crush on him.

One day Uncle Luther comes into the shop wanting to "borrow" Johnny's laptop and accidentally dumps a green substance into the fryer pan. Unknowingly to them, Johnny and Michelle fry donuts all afternoon that have been infected with the green substance, which reanimates the donuts into murderous creatures.

Nothing can stop the killer donuts from munching on the townsfolk, not even the town's two dumb cops (played by  Fredrick Burn and C. Thomas Howell). It's up to Johnny, Michelle, and Howard (played by Ben Heyman) - Johnny's best friend who happens to be sleeping with his mother - to stop the donuts' killing spree.

Final Thoughts

You can't take a movie too seriously when the plot involves killer donuts! The movie is a horror-comedy similar in vain to Attack of the Killer Tomatoes. It has bad acting, cringe-worthy dialogue, horrible CGI effects, and a really, really dumb plot. Despite all the stupidness, I kinda liked the movie.

Yes, I said I actually liked it.

It's one of those "so bad, it's good" movies. You can clearly tell the director, writers, producers, and actors all knew they were making a low-budget "B" movie and they had a bit of fun making it.

I cracked up at several one-liners and gags. It's not a good movie at any means, but for some odd reason I liked it. Maybe it had something to do with Michael Swan being in the film. He played one of the cops in Friday the 13th Part VI: Jason Lives and he also played Duncan McKechnie on As the World Turns, which was the soap opera my Grandma used to watch.

Overall, Attack of the Killer Donuts is a cheesy, but fun horror-comedy.

*Note - I received a review copy from the studio.
All opinion are my own.


  1. This sounds right up my alley!! I LOVE Horror Comedy! One of my favorites is Cabin In The Woods :) Great review!!

    1. Attack of the Killer Donuts is more on the dumb side than Cabin In The Woods. It's a really, really, really, low-budget film with horrible acting. For me, it was so stupid that it was actually funny.


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