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Tuesday, August 27

Grab Your Coffee and Hit the Books

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Though it sounds overwhelming and perhaps even impossible, returning to college as your little ones mature is a growing trend among mothers. If you are seriously considering returning to school, earning a degree from South University, or entering any other bachelor’s or master’s program, then there are a few things you will need to know before your first day of class. So grab your cup of coffee because more than likely you will be drinking several thousand more cups between now and graduation.

Enrolling in school can sound frightening at first. There are course numbers and books and registration fees. But the first few days of class can prove some of the biggest shocks as you read through the syllabus and wonder how you will be able to finish all the reading in time.

But realizing that the transition back into a semester will be daunting and take time is key to keeping your cool. Take advantage of the fact that the syllabus is passed out on the first day and get to work right away. A planner or other daily calendar can help you to allot specific study times so that you will be able to visualize when the work can get completed in time before the due date.

Most likely, you will be learning many new skills as you return to the classroom. Whether you are attempting an online class or a traditional course, you will become familiar with online blackboards and file sharing for different classes. E-textbooks and interactive study programs are also popular. So allow yourself time to learn how to navigate these sites and adjust to the environment.

When mom goes back to school, everyone is going back to school with her. Committing to a degree program for the next few years requires a huge amount of dedication from both you and your family. Talk with your children and ask for the support and encouragement of spouses, family and friends. Homework and classes will probably mean forgoing some social events. Communicating this ahead of time can help to mitigate hurt feelings and instead solicit the community you will need to push through the difficult times.

Take Advantage of Tutoring Help
Most colleges and universities provide free tutoring services such as math and writing labs. Don’t wait until later to visit these and become acquainted with the tutors working there. They will be able to offer valuable assistance to help you get the most out of your college experience.

Locate the Campus Coffee Shop
Finally, stock up on French roast and locate all the Starbucks near campus. Not only are these fantastic places to drink the liquid boost and comfort you want, but they are also great places to sit and study in relative peace and quiet when you need to get work done and your home is begging you to become distracted with chores.

While the return to college can prove overwhelming and is certainly not for everyone, with proper planning, commitment, communication, help and lots of coffee, your college experience can be rewarding and make you an inspiration for your kids.

About the Author:

Author Abby Evans is a mother and freelance journalist currently reviewing health options for her family.  

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