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Monday, August 26

Monday Morning Madness #26: Possible Blog Redesign.

Ever since I switched to a domain and had the blog redesign, I have had many opportunities to work with many different companies and brands. That being said, my blog is becoming more than just a book blog, therefore I believe a few changes need to occur, but I need some input from my readers. A blog redesign won't happened until later in the year or in early 2014, so it wouldn't interfere with the 31 Days of Halloween & and the Holiday Gift Guide events.

I need your help readers:

  • What changes would like to see at Ramblings of a Coffee Addicted Writer?

  • Do you like the current layout or would you prefer a magazine-type layout? Two or Three Columns?

  • Do you like the current colors or should they be changed?

  • What would you like the new header to look like?

  • What should the new blog tagline be? (The current tagline is "Just Another Book Blogger" which doesn't fit into the blog's theme anymore as I now review DVDs, Products, and Books.)

  • What images would like the new rating system to be? Coffee mugs?

  • Would you prefer a drop-down menu?

1 comment:

  1. that would be cool, I have to say the tile background feels a bit aggressive to me, and I think it distracts from your text.
    I like the 2 sidebars, but maybe you need to define more clearly what you put on left and what on right.
    Having the 2 sidebars on the same side would make reading easier, at least for me - that's what I chose:
    because of all the different things you review, it might be good to have some drop down menus.
    wow, coffee cups for your rating system sounds good - did you see mine? Eiffel Towers, with a twist:
    I think you should be the one choosing your tagline, focusing on what you think is what makes your blog special.
    looking forward to the new look


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