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Disney Princesses: Costume Ideas

Disney Princesses: Costume Ideas

Every girl, young or old, loves to dress as a princess, especially on Halloween! Disney Princesses are some of the most iconic animated characters ever created for the big screen. They are famous worldwide and a very popular choice for girls at Halloween. Get inspired by the wide range of women and children’s princess costumes for halloween ideas at www.spirithalloween.com.

Princess Jasmine—Aladdin

Princess Jasmine is a beautiful, Arabian princess who longs to find her prince. After a long line of terrible suitors she finally meets by chance a street urchin Aladdin to wishes to his new-found genie to be made a prince to be with her. Her costume is a now iconic fitted blue crop top and wide legged baggy pants with long dark hair in bands. Create this look with large pieces of gold costume jewellery, a dark wig of long hair, and a blue outfit inspired by this costume.


Ariel—The Little Mermaid

Ariel the mermaid wants nothing more than to reach the surface of the ocean to see what is on land and who she might meet. She is warned against it by her father King Triton. She rescues her Prince Eric from a shipwreck. Mermaid inspired costumes are available in many designs, either as a full body fishtail style dress, or as a shell inspired corset top, or in aqua marine colours.


Belle—Beauty and the Beast

Belle meets her Prince in the form of a beast whom she falls wholeheartedly in love with before he reveals his true identity. Beauty and the Beast is a spellbinding story of true love despite appearances which makes Belle a beloved  Disney character. Her classic ball dress from the film is a popular choice of costume.



Rapunzel is a Grimm fairy tale story of a Princess locked in a tall tower who is visited by a prince. He convinces her to throw down her long braided hair for him to climb and visit her. When her father realises her treachery, he cuts her braid and hides in daughter to lie in wait for the prince to return.  This costume is easily made with a long braided wig and fairy tale princess dress.



Cinderella is on the of the most popular princesses of all time. This classic tale has been adapted many times, perhaps most famously as the Disney film. Cinderella is an impoverished young girl with two wicked sisters. Cinderella has always wished to become the girl in the limelight and for one night her fairy-Godmother turns her into a princess to attend a ball and meet her prince.  Cinderella themed Halloween costumes can be either the fairy god mother or Cinderella herself. Don’t forget the important props, the glass slipper and a pumpkin handbag! There are lots of women’s and children’s costumes for inspiration.


Snow White—Snow White and the Seven Dwarves 

There are a wide range of Snow white costumes for women, teens and children available based on Snow White’s characteristic skin as white as snow, lips as red as blood and hair as black as ebony. She is later found by her prince presumed dead, lying in a coffin and he instantly falls in love with her for her beauty. For a dark Halloween inspiration, consider being inspired by the Queen’s wish  after seeing her blood on white snow and wishing for a beautiful daughter. There are many costumes particularly those inspired by the Snow White in the woods with the seven dwarves: the blue dress with yellow puff sleeves. For props don’t forget the poisoned apple, and the Queen in the mirror. Be inventive!


Have a great princess-inspired Halloween!

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