Sunday, 29 July 2012

Review - The Sweet Life #4:Secrets and Seductions

Sweet Valley Confidential: The Sweet Life #4: Secrets and Seductions
Written by: Francine Pascal
Publisher: St. Martin's Griffin
ASIN: B0080K3EW8
Release Date: July 29, 2012
Pages: 65

Life is not so sweet for the Wakefield twins, as their lives are still rattling in this fourth part of the e-serial. Bruce Patman has skipped the country in the aftermath of the sexual actuations against him. Elizabeth is forced to resign from her job when she refuses to have her interview with Bruce’s accuser, Robin Platt, published. A part of her still believes that Rick Warner, owner of Warner Gas, is still behind the whole sex scandal. Since Rick already knows Elizabeth, she enlists the help of her new brother-in-law Aaron to go undercover at Warner Gas. After almost coming to a dead end, Aaron may have found out who Robin Platt actually is.

As her marriage's divorce rolls near, Jessica returns to work at VERTPLUS.NET. In her absence, her position is now in the hands of someone else, Tracy Courtright - her enemy. Now she is forced to sit in a cubicle with the other workers, even though she is one that founded the company. Her love life is in the headlines, as she has been seen with the famous actor Liam O’Connor, the same man she had a fling with resulting in Todd leaving her. Jessica feels nothing for Liam and ignores all his texts and calls. She no longer wants to be the good girl, but instead she wants the old high school Jessica back.

Caroline Pearce is now a gossip blogger and sells some interesting information to TMZ about a certain True Housewife, the one, the only Lila Fowler Matthews. The truth about Lila not being pregnant comes out. Lila's husband is furious and leaves her, but Lia's little white lie might actually be true.

Wow! Sweet Valley seems like a mess right now, and it seems to be going back to the old Sweet Valley High days with everyone stabbing each other in the back. Not only is Jessica wanting to return to her old stuck up self, but so does Bruce as there may be a few sparks flying between him and his lawyer, Annie Whitman. I feel sorry for poor Elizabeth who is determined to clear Bruce's name, even though their relationship is probably over. I'm sure Sweet Valley fans want Elizabeth and Todd to get back together, but I highly doubt if that is going to happen. I am sure that both Todd and Jessica will come to their senses and work things out. Lila has really become a reality diva, but  her character is becoming annoying. Of course, each part of the e-serials ends in a cliffhanger, making me wait until next week to see what happens next.

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