Monday, 24 April 2017

DVD Review - It's Ernest! The Complete Series

Mill Creek Ent.; TV-G; 293 minutes; $9.98

Now available to own on DVD from Mill Creek Entertainment is It's Ernest! The Complete Series, featuring all 13 wacky episodes from the 1988 children series. There are no special features or extras on the disc. However, it come win an "Instant Digital Access" code that can be redeemed at:

Every kid who grew up in the late 80s and throughout the early 90s knows the name Ernest P. Worrell (played by Jim Varney), a character who appeared in several comedies and later a few direct-to-video movies, but most us probably remember him from the countless The Coca-Cola Company's sodas, Chex, and Taco John's commercials. What you might not remember is that the character also starred in his own Saturday morning children series titled Hey Vern, It's Ernest, which only lasted for one season.

Filmed on a low-budget, the series starred Jim Varney as Ernest and a slew of other characters (Auntie Nelda, Dr. Otto, Sergeant Glory, Baby Ernest, and Astor Clement). Each episode consisted of a series of sketches that were all set around a specific theme, such as movies, sports, hobbies, etc..

The episodes on the single disc DVD are:

Hey Vern, It's Outer Space
Hey Vern, It's Clothing
Hey Vern, It's Scary Things
Hey Vern, It's Movies
Hey Vern, It's Magic
Hey Vern, It's Sports
Hey Vern, It's Pets
Hey Vern, It's Hobbies
Hey Vern, It's Food
Hey Vern, It's Holidays
Hey Vern, It's School
Hey Vern, It's Lost & Found
Hey Vern, It's Lost & Found

Final Thoughts: I barely recall the series even being aired. I believe I stumbled upon an episode on the Family Channel (now called Freeform) in the early 1990s before going to school. I remember it being really goofy, similar in style to the humor that was in all the Ernest films.

All the episodes on the DVD release are in 1:33:1 format or also known as "full frame." The picture quality is averages, or more or less what you find on an old VHS tape, but I guess that is what you get when 13 episodes are shoved onto one disc.

Overall, besides from the video quality (which isn't that bad), I still enjoyed watching the It's Ernest! The Complete Series DVD.

*Disclaimer - I received complimentary copy in exchange for my unbiased review. All opinions are my own.

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