Wednesday, 25 May 2016

Revew - A Daughter's Dream by Shelley Shepard Gray

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It's probably no surprise to anyone that knows me or for those who follow my blog, to find me reviewing an Amish romance title. I grew up reading horror novels, but I stumbled upon a Beverly Lewis title around fourteen or fifteen years ago and I've been reading the Amish fiction genre ever since.

Now available in bookstores is A Daughter's Dream by New York Times and USA Today's Bestselling Author Shelly Shepard Gray.

Book Two in The Charmed Amish Life series centers on Rebecca Kinsinger, a young Amish woman who just started working as a teacher at the Charm Amish School. She had always dreamed about being a teacher, but teaching is a lot harder than what she imagined it would be. No matter what she tries, the students walks all over her, well, that is until a thirteen-year-old student, Lilly Yonder, joins the school, and then everything starts to change for the better.

Lilly had lost both her parents in an accident. She is now staying with her sold guardian, Jacob Yonder. Rebecca feels like it is her propose to help Lilly grieve and move on with her life. As for Jacob (who had left Florida to come back to Ohio to help his niece), he is more than happy that Rebecca has taken an interest in helping Lilly. Of course this is a love story, so you can probably guess what happens next - sparks fly between Jacob and Rebecca.

Final Thoughts: Shelly Shepard Gray is one of my personal go-to authors when I want to read a wonderful clean-cut romance. For me, A Daughter's Dream was a really fast read that I finished in one sitting and a single cup of coffee. I was hooked into the story right from the opening sentence of Chapter One, where Rebecca is struggling to keep her twenty-five students from acting up during school hours. Rebecca is a very likeable character, someone that tries to find the good in everyone she meets. Jacob is also a likeable character, though slightly cliched at times. Overall, I ended up enjoying A Daughter's Dream. While the main plot is simple, the author's storytelling makes up for the few flaws.

*Disclaimer - I received a complimentary copy in exchange for my unbiased review. All opinions are my own.

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