Wednesday, 25 May 2016

Books to Help Your Decide Before Buying Your Family's First Home

Buying a home for the first time will be the biggest thrill as well as the hardest, most frightening, long-term commitment you will probably make. Announcing it will bring out the advice columnist in all of your friends, your family, and even people you just met. Well, that’s how real estate work, everybody has advice about what you should do.

The thing is, purchasing a home is your own family’s business, so it’s your responsibility to research and ask advice from people who could really help you. Here are some books to help you make sense of what to expect and to understand the groundwork for what lies in your home hunting journey and subsequent ownership.

Home Buying for Dummies
Author: Eric Tyson

The Dummies series is notorious for showing people who know nothing about a particular stuff to be somewhat an expert after reading the book. To find the perfect house, this packed with invaluable advice in an objective, down-to-earth style fashion. It has tips and tricks on things you should do after sealing the deal as well as things you ought to understand about real estate investing. It also includes advice on how to sell your house (if you ever decide in the future), as well as a sample buying contact and a comprehensive inspection report.

Nolo's Essential Guide to Buying Your First Home
Author: Ilona Bray J.D.

This book shows first time homebuyers what they need to know straight from the experts. It has everything about home buying from mortgages to inspections, agents and more. You’ll also find tips on exploring your local market for the best value, qualifying for and lining up financing and getting the right insurance and inspections. What’s great about this book is the checklist that helps you track your progress.

And with the sale on the rise and mortgage rates remain near historic lows, you should supplement your learning with actual home search. Consider the house and land packaged in Epping Vic particularly in Aurora. The location offers a variety of choices to suit your budget and your life style.

Home Buyer's Checklist: Everything You Need to Know--but Forget to Ask--Before You Buy a Home
Author: Robert Irwin

Ask everyone who has bought a home once and you’ll see that an official inspection doesn’t guarantee against unpleasant surprises. It’s easy for first time home buyers to anticipate the kind of tiring and expensive problems that can show up unexpectedly after closing a purchase deal.

Written by bestselling real estate author Robert Irwin, this book levels the playing field by equipping you with an exhaustive list of questions directed to all the physical aspects of a house that may not be covered in the initial inspection. From the lawn, pantry, basement and attic, this book will lead you through every nook and cranny of rooms, keep, closet, and many more. This book is very useful if you don’t want bad surprises a week or two after moving into your new home.

Well, there you have it. What’s left is to go to your local bookstore and purchase the books for later reading. Best of luck to your family!

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