Sunday, 14 February 2016

The Return of Tae Bo

I almost forgot about writing this week's post, so I'm listening to the last half of the new "Castle" episode while I'm writing this. Then a little bit later tonight I'll have do my late night workout, which will be last day of week six of the "Master's Hammer & Chisel" workout program. The last two weeks of the program starts tomorrow. I'm not for sure what I'm going to do after the program; though I'm considering doing the "Beast Body" workout program, which I already own the DVDs. 

However, I need to add some more "cardio" into my weekly workouts as I'm not seeing any weight loss on the scales; though I have seen a little body fat loss around my chest and arms, but not so much around my love handles. 

I lost a lot of weight a few years ago when I was doing Tae Bo workouts. Yes, I know Tae Bo is considered "old" and out of style to many, but the exercises are very intense and an easy way to get into shape. Sadly, things came up in my life, which I will not name here, and I didn't have time to exercise; resulting in some weight gain. When I eventually went back to Tae Bo, I started having issues with my knees/legs and my back, which was probably caused by the lack of exercise and the weight gain. I did a few Beachbody workouts last year and lost about ten pounds, but I took around five months off from exercising last fall and gained all the weight back.

My plan is to slowly start adding Tae Bo back into my workouts; probably starting tomorrow. Yes, I do have an arsenal of Tae Bo DVDs. Starting around 2008 or 2009, I would buy almost every new Tae Bo title that came out. I got most of the older titles on eBay over the years. During the time I wasn't doing Tae Bo, I was still keeping an eye out for new releases, but for some reason Anchor Bay quit releasing new ones. Then, Tae Bo Fitness updated their website and began producing new titles through their BG Star Productions, where you could only buy the new DVDs on their website. I was aware of the new titles, but I didn't purchase them because the DVDs were more than twice the price of what they used to be. 

The good news is that three of the DVDs have came down in price, so I went ahead and purchased them as well as two newer titles. Surprisingly, I received the DVDs yesterday afternoon, just a few days after I ordered them. 

The titles are:
  • Tae Bo: Basics & Low Impact (2 full workouts and 3 bonus workouts (warm up, cool down, stretching)
  • Tae Bo: Knock Out (1 - 45-minute workout)
  • Tae Bo: Advanced, Extreme & Core (3 - 30 minute workouts)
  • Tae Bo: Kickboxing & Kwon (1 --30-minute workout and 1 - 20-minute workout)
  • Tae Bo: Butt (1 - 60-minute workout)

I'm planning on featuring a review for each title in the near future as a Fitness & Coffee Sundays post.

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