Sunday, 7 June 2015

Muscle Mauler Max Review

I'm sure almost everyone has heard of a foam roller, which is used by physical therapists and athletes to massage overused muscles. The rollers can be purchased anywhere that carries fitness products.

Recently, I received the Muscle Mauler Max, a deep tissue foam roller, which is made by Master Of Muscle.

While most foam rollers are made from
100% foam, the Muscle Mauler Max has EVA foam built around a 24" x 5" long heavy plastic pipe. What makes this standout from other rollers is it's unique bumpy matrix design, which will reach greater dual pressure zones, giving your muscles the ultimate massage.

It can be used on your neck, knees, quads, lower and upper back, shoulders and hamstrings to help to get rid of any kinks you might have from exercising. It can also be used as way to stretch your body out before running, yoga, Pilates, cross fitness, P90X and any other workout program.

I've been using foam rollers for a few years now and it's a wonderful thing to have handy when you have a back injury or cramps in your legs. The first roller I owned was a short cheap roller that was difficult to use on my back. The other one was a RumbleRoller, which is a solid foam roller, but it's a little too hard to on my back; sometimes even bruising my skin when I attempted to use it. To me, the Muscle Mauler Max is a lot softer, but still firm at the same time. I like that it has a variety of textures on the foam. Overall, I'm impressed by the high-quality of the Muscle Mauler Max and I recommend it to other fitness enthusiasts.

The Muscle Mauler Max can currently be purchased on for $39.99

*Disclaimer - I received a complimentary sample in exchange for my honest review. All opinions are my own.

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