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DVD Review: Turbo FAST: Season One

Turbo FAST: Season One
Studio: Dreamworks Animated
Release Date: June 2, 2015
Retail: $19.98
Running Time: 599 minutes
Rating: Not Rated
Buy Link: Amazon


Now available to own on DVD for the first time is the hit Netflix series DreamWorks Turbo FAST: Season One, featuring all 26 episodes on a 3-disc set.

Based on the  2013 computer-animated film Turbo, Turbo FAST is given a 2D look (animated by Titmouse). Episode One (Crazy Fast) picks up shortly after events of the movie, where the world's fastest snail, Turbo (voiced by Reid Scot) arrives in the snail city that his human friend, Tito (voiced by Amir Talai), built. All of his snail family (including his brother, Chet (voiced by Eric Bauza)) and his friends are there.

Inside the city, there's a cool racetrack for Turbo and his racing pals Whiplash (voiced by John Eric Bentley), Burn (voiced by Grey DeLisle-Griffin), Skidmark (voiced by Amir Talai), White Shadow (voiced by Michael Patrick Bell), and Smoove Move (voiced by Phil LaMarr) to use. Of course Turbo is the fastest snail in the city, but his reign is challenged when a Tiger Beetle named Hardcase challenges him to a racing duel.

The episodes on the three-disc set are:

Disc One:

Crazy Fast
Dungball / Ace of Race
Bumperdome / Broaches
African Queen / Mega Snails
Ants Ants Revolution / Clamsquatch
Turbo Stinks / Snails In Jail
A Tale Of Two Turbos / The Escargot Affair
Surf N Turf / Hardcase Returns

Disc Two:

Turbo Drift
Ready, Set, Glow / Breakneck's Back
Cruise Control / Beat A Fajita
R/C Turbo / Curse of the Cicadas
Karamagedon / Chet Gets Burned
Gypsy Moth Prophecies / Skidzo-Braina
No Can Do / Adopt-A-Toad
Buster Move / Gills!
The Terror Of Tickula/ Prank'd

Disc Three:

Over Shadowed /Beware The Chickipede
Mall Is Well / Taco Tank
Zoo-Lander / Balloonatics
The Packet Racket / Smack Me Down
Smoovin' On Up / The Great Shell Robbery
Chet VS Dr. Disorder / Damselfly In Distress
Dome Sweet Dome / My Pet Clamsquatch
Hardluck Hardcase / Bee Story
Tur-Bros/ The Snailman

While DreamWorks Turbo was a cute computer-animated film, it wasn't that big of a box-office draw in 2013; causing the studio to lose nearly $16 million dollars after all the promotion that was put out for it. That being said, I believe everyone was surprised when Turbo FAST was announced and that it would drop the computer-animation for a more traditional 2D look. The voice-cast has been replaced, but it's hardly noticeable. Besides from the first episode, Crazy Fast, and Turbo Drift, all the episodes features two 11-minute adventures. At first I was a little skeptical about the series, well, that is until I watched the first episode. Surprisingly, I actually enjoyed it as much as the original movie. Overall, all the episodes on the Turbo FAST: Season One are fast-paced and crazy fun to watch.

*Disclaimer - I received a complimentary copy in exchange for my honest review. All opinions are my own.

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