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DVD Review - Clarence: Mystery Pinata

Clarence: Mystery Pinata
Voice Cast: Skyler Page, Katie Crown, Sean Giambrone, Tom Kenny, Roger Craig Smith
Studio: Cartoon Network
Release Date: February 10, 2015
Retail: $14.97
Running Time: 132 minutes
Rating: TV-PG
Buy Link: Amazon

Arriving on DVD this Tuesday February 10, 2015 is Cartoon Network's Clarence: Mystery Pinata, featuring 12 exciting 11-minute episodes. As an added special feature, the single disc set also includes the original pilot episode!

Clarence was created by Skyler Page and premiered last February after the Hall of Game Awards. The pilot was nominated for a Creative Arts Emmy Award. It has received high reviews from critics and animation fans.

The series follows a wholehearted boy named Clarence (voiced by Skyler Page during season one and will be voiced by Spencer Rothbell for the second season), who sees the good in everyone and everything. He spends his days going to school and hanging out his with pals, Jeff Randell and Ryan "Sumo" Sumozski. Most of the episodes focuses on Clarence and his pals setting off on an adventure or getting into some sort of trouble.

The episodes include:

Fun Dungeon Face Off - Clarence and Sumo try to help Jeff overcome his fear of germs by stealing his french fries.

Pretty Great Day with a Girl - After Clarence starts hanging out with Amy Gillis, the guys get jealous and start a pinecone war.

Lost in the Supermarket - Clarence goes grocery shopping with his mother.

Clarence's Millions - Clarence starts making his own money and distributes it to his classmates.

Jeff's New Toy - Jeff and Clarence argue about whether or not they should keep Jeff's new toy in the box.

Zoo - Clarence and Belson get paired up together during a field trip.

Rise 'n' Shine - Clarence wakes up earlier and encounters a mountain lion.

Average Jeff - After taking an IQ test, Jeff is put into a lower class.

Slumber Party - Clarence is accidentally invited to Kimby's slumber party.

Dream Boat - Sumo tries to build a boat.

Too Gross for Comfort - Sumo, Emilio & Dustin gets upset when Clarence invites Chelsea to their treehouse, so they try to gross her out.

Neighborhood Grill - Clarence keeps interrupting Ms. Baker's date.

Special Feature: Pilot Episode - Clarence invites his classmates over for a sleepover, but only Sumo and Jeff show up for it.

I don't watch the Cartoon Channel very often, so I wasn't aware that Clarence even existed until this DVD came available to review. Being an animation fan, I eagerly signed up to review it with no clue what the series was about. At first glance the series may look like it is aimed at a younger audience, but some of the humor is more for adults. It sort of reminds me of the Rugrats. All the episodes featured on this single disc are well-made. My favorite episode is Clarence's Millions as it has a dream sequence that pays homage to Ducktales. Overall, I enjoyed watching Clarence: Mystery Pinata and I recommend it to others.

*Disclaimer - I received a complimentary copy in exchange for my honest review. All opinions are my own.

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