Friday, 15 November 2013

My Top 5 Dream Vacations

I know people are busy getting ready for Thanksgiving dinners and shopping for Christmas, but this is the perfect time to plan next summer's dream vacation. Prices for plane tickets, cruise tickets and hotel room change in prices on a regular basis, so you can save time and money by booking your trip months ahead of time.

If you're like me, you either don't have the money to spend on any kind of a vacation or something always comes up and you can't go on a vacation at all, but there is nothing wrong with dreaming; therefore I came up with my top 5 dream vacations.

1. Walt Disney Word Resort & Universal Studios Resort - Even though I'm an adult, I would love to go on the rides at Disney World and Universal Studios in Florida. I've never been to the state, not even on a business trip, but besides visiting the resorts, I would like to walk on the beach and visit other attractions. I know a person can book tickets and hotels near the resort, but the attractions I want to visit are scattered about, so it would better for me to stay at a Miami airport motel, which would probably be cheaper.

2. Walt Disneyland Resort - Yep, Disneyland would be my second dream vacation! I've never been to this resort either, but I want to ride all the rides.

3. Mount Rushmore - No, I've never seen the great Mount Rushmore in South Dakota, but I've always wanted to visit ever since I saw the Alfred Hitchcock's classic North by Northwest.

4. Scotland's Castles - I have ancestors from Scotland and I wold love to visit the old castles in Scotland, though I might not want to visit any haunted ones.

5. York, Maine - I have many ancestors that came from York, Maine and they are buried in the county. I've seen pictures of the cemeteries and where the garrison once stood, but I would love to see the areas with my own eyes.

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  1. I think that your list is amazing . Visit Scotland's Castles will be a experience for share generation by generation.
    Let me share my top 3 vacation destination:

    1. Costa Rica
    2. Rome
    3.Scotland's Castles as you.

    Thanks for the article .


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