Monday, 25 November 2013

Monday Morning Madness #34: I Hate Catching A Cold

My original plans for the weekend was to do some more cleaning in preparation of Thanksgiving and to get a several posts/reviews written and scheduled, but it seems when you make plans everything goes wrong. I woke up with a severe sore throat on Friday, but I pushed through it and got a few things finished. My throat was better on Saturday, but I sneezed all day. I did manage to get the fish aquarium and the bird cage cleaned. Plus, I did rearranged my living room. Sunday I awoke to a stuffy nose, cold chills and a horrible cough. I slept most of the afternoon, but I did get to watch The Walking Dead and Witches of East End.

I couldn't sleep, so I made some herbal tea and popped a DVD of Power Rangers Dino Thunder (yes, I'm a geek) into the DVD player and laid in bed until I started to feel better. Since I still can't sleep, I'm typing this post on my new laptop while the Power Rangers are still playing. Yes, the show is silly and is technically meant for kids, but I've been in the mood for the franchise ever since I reviewed a few Power Ranger titles earlier this year. I watched the original series (secretly) when I was in the sixth grade and I continued to watch it until the end of In Space. I had bought the 8-12 seasons set and I received it in the mail last week, which I have never seen any of the episodes before, so everything is new to me. Actually, I'm watching it backward starting with season 12.

Hopefully, I will start to feel better later today, as I have a book I need to read, several reviews that need to be posted and I have more posts of the Holiday Gift Guide to be written.

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