Thursday, 14 November 2013

Do You Read How-To or Self-Help Books?

It seems that almost anybody has self-published some sort of book on Amazon or on some other retail site. I have reviewed several books by independent authors writing in different genres, children books, romance novels, how-to-books, etc… I even have a few books I have bought on my Kindle that are in the how-to genre. One in practically was about freelance writing and how the author wrote best-selling how-to-books. The book was horrible and I consider the author more of a con artist than an actual writer.

There are some how-to and self-help authors (non-self-published) that are truly professional businessman (and women) and  they give great advice in their books. One of these authors is an entrepreneur Michael Masterson, who has written The Pledge, Seven Years to Seven Figures, Ready Fire Aim, Automatic Wealth, Automatic Wealth For Grads, Power and Persuasion and Confessions of a Self-Made Multimillionaire, where he has been giving business advice to many readers. He's not just a how-to-book writer, as he is currently working on a poetry book, a screenplay and a collection of short stories.

Recently, I read two books on how to write a perfect fight scene and a scary scene that was very well-written and was full of helpful tips. These are one of the few how-to books that really stood out for me.

I've reviewed other self-help books on online dating, anger management, stress release, etc... For the most part, the books on each subject repeat the same common sense information, even though the books are written by different authors and published by different publishers.

Do you read How-To or Self-Help books? If so, leave a message in the comment section!

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