Thursday, 14 November 2013

A Writer's New Year's Resolution

Most people are thinking about Thanksgiving dinners, Black Friday shopping and Christmas gatherings. I'm not big on Thanksgiving, mostly due to my dislike of turkey and anything with pumpkin (though I do like pumpkin seeds) and most of my Christmas present shopping is finished.

I've been thinking ahead to after the holidays are wrapped and what my New Year's Resolution will be.

Almost everybody's resolution is to lose those extra holiday pounds, but mine for next year is to brush on my writing skills.

What does this mean?

Well, I'm planning (more like crossing my fingers) that I'll have enough money saved to take a few online credited writing courses in January. There are a few courses I have been eying that are aimed to help a person write better, a few are even aimed at a specific genre, like romance, mystery and short stories. There are also other courses that teach you a specific job, for example. AWAI has professional online courses on copywriting.

I haven't taken a course since High School, which was thirteen and half years ago, so I may have to pace myself with one course/class at a time, but if I like one course I may try a few others, maybe an online marketing course or touch up on my grammar with an English course.

Courses normally have a few recommend books and I've already bought a few on EBay, so I'm basically ready to start my 2014 New Year's Resolution.

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