Friday, 31 May 2013

DVD Review - YOGA for Strength & Energy

YOGA for Strength & Energy 
Studio: Acorn Media
Release Date: November 20, 2012
Run Time: 57 minutes

Rating: Not Rated


Memorial Day officially kicks off the start of summer (though the actual first day of summer is June 21). For those of us who still haven't worked off those unwanted winter pounds, this means we'll have to try to work off those extra pounds with gardening, mowing the yard, going on hikes, etc. Last year, I started a high intensity workout program, which resulted in some knee pains and a strained back. Therefore, I have been looking into workouts that will help me fix those troubled areas.

Recently, I had a chance to review the Yoga for Strength & Energy from Acorn Media, who sent me a free copy in exchange for my honest review. The yoga workout is instructed by a Canyon Ranch instructor consisting of two full workouts, a cool down, and a bonus stretch workout, which are intended to increase your strength; help you stretch, tone and sculpt your body, all while you burn calories and build muscles.

The workouts on this DVD are:

Energy Strength (22 mins)
Energetic Yoga Flow (24 mins)
Cool Down (11 mins)
Bonus Stretch (11 mins)

I consider myself inflexible, so I had to adjust a few routines to fit my needs. Typically, I find myself sweating when during yoga, but not with this one as each workout is low intensity and is meant to stretch out your trouble zones, which are my lower-back and knees. There is only one instructor (no participants), who happens to be out in a desert, which gave me a clam and relaxing feeling. Overall, I enjoyed the Yoga for Strength & Energy DVD and I recommend it to others.

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