Saturday, 19 January 2013

Life As a Blogger

A life for a blogger can become a little bit hectic with review requests, setting up interviews with authors, scheduling a blog tour, and making sure that you get those guest posts in on time. On top of that a blogger has to deal with the chaos of day to day living, like your nine to five job, grocery shopping, family obligations, etc… Just like everyone else, bloggers are not immune to the common cold or the flu, possibly causing a few posts to be late.

For me blogging has been fun and a way to vent out my emotions, leading me to buy my own domain and hire a blog designer last year. I promised myself that I would I try to post everyday. Well there are many surprises in life, as I have caught many colds, I just recently battled the nasty flu bug, I had a bit of depression, I survived the chaos of the holidays and I have now been in contact with my half-sister.

My procrastinating has resulted in a few unopened boxes piled on top of the entertainment stand. Coffee tables are meant to have coasters, a cup of coffee, the TV Guide, remote controls, a candy dish, etc, but mine is currently piled with unread books, unopened DVDs & music CDs, Christmas gift cards and lose change. My desk is even worse with more music CDs, stacks of books to be read, and stacks of books to be reviewed. Somewhere underneath all that mess are my desk calendar and a twenty dollar bill.

My plans for this year are to keep track of what books and products I have to review. Hopefully, I can get caught up with my reading (reviewing and personal reading), and get back to writing that book I keep putting off. I’m going to start scheduling my blog posts weeks in advanced just in case of an illness or a family emergency. Life of a blogger isn’t the easiest, but it does have its moments of bliss.

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  1. Great goals to have!
    Hope you get to that 20 dollar bill soon.


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