Friday, 24 August 2012

Review - How to Write and Publish a Successful Children’s Book

How to Write and Publish a Successful Children’s Book:
Everything You Need to Know Explained Simply
By: Cynthia Resser
Publisher: Atlantic Publishing Group, Inc.
ISBN: 9781601384072
Pub Date: 2010
Pages: 288

    Have you ever wanted to write your own children’s book? Or do you already have a children’s book written, but you don’t know how to get your book published? Cynthia Reeser is the editor-in-chief and the founder of a quarterly literary journal titled Prick of the Spindle and she has written the book How to Write and Publish a Successful Children’s Book to help aspiring writers get their stories and books published. Several of my short stories have been published in various magazines and e-zines, so I was interested in reviewing this book that the Atlantic Publishing Group sent to me free of charge.

    The first few pages asks you to ask yourself, Why Write for Children?” and then takes you into a brief history of children books, in which the first children’s books were written in back in the 1400s. Before you start writing your novel, you should look into the current market place and see what the popular trend is.

    Several chapters details the process of writing fiction, such as - the style, tone and voice; choosing the right narration; creating great characters; plot and story structure; and believable dialogue. After you finish writing your book, chapter four will guide you into solving those finishing touches and other challenges that might occur. If you are going to illustrate your book too, then you’ll find chapter five interesting as it covers the subject.

    The author covers both the traditional publishing market and the self-publishing market. There are also chapters on how to submit your work properly with a few letter examples to get you started.

    How to Write and Publish a Successful Children’s Book provides all the basic steps for aspiring writers and offers additional tips for published authors as well. Being a writer myself, I loved reading the book and how the author explained everything in laymen terms so anyone outside of the publishing world can follow along. I recommend the book to other children writers.

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