Saturday, 18 August 2012

DVD Review - Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles: Season 10: The Complete Final Season!

Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles
Season 10: The Complete Final Season!
Studio: LionsGate
Release Date: August 14, 2012
Running Time: Approx. 176 minutes
Bonuses: Exclusive Artist Interviews, 2 Bonus Episodes: "Once Upon a Time Machine" and "Planet of the Turtleoids"

I grew up watching the Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles animated series and the live movies. I stumbled upon Season 4 back in 2007 at a Walmart store and of course I had to buy it. I later ordered the previous seasons which were never released in sets; instead they were released in six volumes.

I patiently wait for every new season to be released. When season 5 was released back in August 2007, I, like many other fans, was disappointed that two episodes were left out of the set. I was disappointed again in the next four season releases as they didn't have the missing episodes either.

LionsGate has finally released the tenth and final season to DVD. For a bonus, the two missing episodes "Once Upon a Time Machine" and the double length episode "Planet of the Turtleoids" are included.

Season 10 Episodes are:
  1. The Return of Dregg
  2. The Beginning of the End
  3. The Power of Three
  4. A Turtle in Time
  5. Turtles to the Second Power
  6. Mobster From Dimension X
  7. The Day the Earth Disappeared
  8. Divide and Conquer
Four of the season ten episodes are also on the First Season DVD as bonuses. For the last three seasons, the animation in the series became darker and added a red sky. Some of the humor was taken out and the characters were less developed. Season ten continues from where season nine had left off, where their new friend from the future, Carter, continues to work with Donatello to solve the turtles and his own mutation problems. Meanwhile, Lord Dregg is slowly going mad as he is determined to destroy the turtles once and for all.

Highlights include the three final appearances of Shredder and Krang, and of course of the final episodes when the Turtles use Krang's android body to stop Dregg.

It’s nice to finally own the final episodes and the two lost episodes. Season ten may have not been the best season, but it is still better than the new animation programs on television today. This is a must have for TMNT cartoon fans. 


  1. I remember these and my sons loved them too.I have a YA eBook giveaway on my blog if your readers are interested.

  2. Such a great show. I've been watching it with my son recently and just bought him his first ninja turtle(even though it's from the new Nickelodeon show).


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