Tuesday, 11 October 2011

DVD Review - Tae Bo Power

Unplanned, and at the last minute, I hopped over to my local Walmart. For some odd reason I glanced at the fitness section and there staring back at me was Billy Blanks. Not the real one. LOL. He was on the front cover of what I thought was the new DVD, which actually it was a cardboard box containing the new Taebo Power DVD and a pair of adjustable weighted gloves. I had to laugh and inspected the box as I had just ordered a pair of Everlast weighted gloves from an Ebay seller the night before. I glanced at the price and it was under $17 which wasn't bad considering that one exercise DVD cost at least $9, but this had the gloves. I was already aware that Tae Bo Power was being released, along with Cardio Explosion, on December 6. I'm not for sure if Walmart released this DVD early, or if the DVD/Glove set came out recently. It doesn't matter as I now have a new workout.

Since I had skipped my workout that morning because I had take care of a few errands, I waited until late in the evening to pop the DVD into the player. For newcomers to Tae Bo, you'll be disappointed that there is no   instructional workout. Normally, Billy Blanks takes fifteen minutes to explain the new moves. The main workout is longer than the other releases this year, this one rounding about 61 minutes counting the warm up and cool down. If your looking for a great cardio workout, you'll won't find it here. Power focus on mostly the upper body with a few kicks here and there. The weighted gloves does a make a difference, but you can don't have to use them. You can use handheld weights or none at all and you'll still feel the burn. The last fifteen minutes is a killer! There is a bonus workout called Billy's Power Abs! It is the short program around 10 minutes long, and involves sitting in a chair for the routines. I found this to be challenging as I don't have a sturdy metal chair like Billy and the gang does.

Now, let's talk about the weighted gloves. I have never owned a pair before, and I've been searching for a pair since I started Tae Bo earlier in the year. Like I said above, I just ordered a pair the night before, which I, now, thought would be backups. I would say that they're no more than a pound each. The gloves fit perfectly, but they might be too big for someone with smaller hands. After I finished the workout and took off the gloves, I noticed that the black material had rubbed off onto my skin. This happened in my next two workouts and now I haven't had any problems. I received the Everlast gloves today in the mail. I haven't had a chance to test them out yet, so I won't be comparing the Tae Bo glove to them just yet.

Overall, I must say Tae Bo is a fun workout that is meant to tone your upper body, and you will be sore the next day. There is a lot of punching throughout the workout, so be expected to be covered with sweat by the end of the DVD.

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