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Monday, February 1, 2016

[Review] - Bonner by Sherri Burgess

I love reading all books, but I'm not the biggest fan of non-fiction titles. Typically, when I receive a press release about a non-fiction book, I just automatically delete it. However, that wasn't the case when I heard about Bronner: A Journey To Understand by Sherri Burgess as I noticed that I had the same last name as the author. After reading the synopsis, I thought I would give the book a try.

Usually, I write a few paragraphs describing the plot of a book, but I'm finding it hard to do this for this title. Bronner: A Journey To Understand is a spiritual journey of healing and the power of faith. The author uses her own personal pain and suffering when she lost her two-and-half-year-old son, Bonner, in 2008 to teach others that faith in the Lord can help you get through the toughest ordeal, even the death of a child.

Final Thoughts

I was instantly hooked by the author's narration from the get-go. While I don't have any children, I felt the author's pain. Losing a child must be the most painful thing in the world to experience; Sherri, her husband, and their children were able to survive by the grace of God. Sherri shares her memories of her youngest son, the day of his death, and how she has slowly moved on with her life. Now with this book, she can help others that have suffered from the death of a loved one. Overall, Bronner: A Journey To Understand is a well-written, emotional read.

Wednesday, August 11, 2010

Review - My Sparkling Misfortune

My Sparkling Misfortune
BY: Laura Lodd
Pages: 187
Reviewed by Billy Burgess

Normally a fairy tale is in the point-of-view of the young princess or prince, but not in “My Sparkling Misfortune.” The main character is Lord Arkus, the villain. Lord Arkus, along with his sidekick Shork, captured a gormack - an evil spirit to help him destroy his enemy - Prince Kellemar. To Arkus’s surprise, he didn’t catch a gormack, but he caught a sparkling - a good spirit.

When a sparkling is caught, they are bound to their owners for 6 years. Lord Arkus was stuck with it.

Lord Arkus asks for a new castle, supplies and a army, so he could be ready to battle with Prince Kellemar and his men. Soon, he is befriending King Osmund because the king believes only a good man would have a sparkling.

The King gives Lord Arkus his own castle and men. Arkus becomes engaged to the king’s daughter. Everything is going his way - he has own castle and army. He is read to battle Prince Kellemar, but Shork thinks Arkus is becoming too nice. Will Arkus become a hero?

This is a cute fairy tale with a twist. Each chapter has a wonderful illustration. Both girls and boys will like reading about Lord Arkus and the sparkling.

* I would like to thank Dream Books LLC for sending me a copy to review.

Sunday, March 7, 2010

Review - Tales of Wordishure

Kid Konnection is a a weekend feature related
to anything about children books.

“Tales of Wordishure” has seven cute stories that children and adults will enjoy reading. In the first story, “The Skipping Stone of Wordishure,” Edward goes to collect squishberries for his grandma. He puts his basket down for a few seconds so he can skip a stone across the water. His basket of squishberries disappears.

Philip’s sister is missing in “Three Princesses of Wordishure.” He gets Princess Irelynd, Princess Tara and Princess Ashtyn to help him find her.

Micah discovers a well worn book in his attic in the story “The Treasure Map of Wordishure.” He takes the book with him to the Oldwood Creek, where he runs into his best friend, Jonah. Inside the book is a map with some Xs on a hill. They follow the creek in search of treasure.

While playing the game ‘Seek the Lost’ in “Bigby The Giant of Wordishure,” Bigby must help the Humblebees find their missing hive.

In “The Tree Fort of Wordishure,” Gideon and his friends build a tree fort in the willow tree named Fordywinx. When the kids learn that today is Fordywinx’s birthday, they go in search for the prefect gift.

One day the wind blows away Melody’s music lyrics in “The Silent of Song of Wordishure.” With the help of Preston the gopher, Melody hunts down her lost pages.

All the characters from the previous stories join forces to help fix the cracked bell in “The Church Mice of Wordishure.”

I enjoyed reading the “Tales of Wordishure.” These are wonderful stories, filled with beautiful illustrations. You’ll enjoy exploring the world of Wordishure with your children.

Note: I would like to thank the author for sending me this book to review.