Friday, September 30, 2022

{The Friday 56}—Melissa Koslin's "Dangerous Beauty"


Pick up any book.
Open your Reader to page 56 or 56%.
Look up any sentence (or more). Simply don't ruin it.
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She focused on the language, happy she understood, for the most part, although it was admittedly getting exhausting.

page 56, "Dangerous Beauty" by Melissa Koslin

My Thoughts

There's not much I can say about Dangerous Beauty. The cover has a wonderful haunted quality about it. As I write this, I know very little about the plot. At some point this weekend, I'll begin reading


  1. I barely speak French so if I ever have to try to understand it I have to pay close attention and it is exhausting.

    The Cartographers is this week's featured book

  2. Ominous but interesting! Happy weekend!


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