Sunday, August 8, 2021

Doing Yoga for Substance Abuse Recovery

Anyone who’s ever gone through a rehabilitation program can honestly say that it’s no walk in the park. It’s not only mentally and emotionally draining, but it can also be physically taxing. Especially when the body is going through detoxification, it experiences a lot of stress as it flushes out all the accumulated toxins throughout the period of substance use and abuse. 

Typically, when people hear rehab Alabama and detoxification, their first thought is a strictly supervised abstinence from the abused substance, whether it be alcohol or drugs. While that is correct, it’s not the entire picture. 

A successful rehabilitation program employs several other techniques to help the patient have a holistic and comprehensive recovery. One such technique is through the inclusion of yoga in the program. 

Yoga for Substance Abuse Recovery

Yoga has been known to provide plenty of health benefits, especially for the regular practitioner. It helps improve one’s breathing, resulting in an improved mood and calmness, as well as one’s balance. 

It also helps maintain a healthy weight, while others even claim that it has helped them shed weight. It may not be as aggressive in terms of the routine as other workouts, but make no mistake that yoga will challenge not just your body but also your mind. 

That’s because the forms you have to make with your body require a great amount of concentration to pull off, especially the seemingly gravity-defying ones. Doing yoga helps train the mind to quiet down the chatter so you can focus only on what’s truly important to you at that moment. 

Applying this concept to addiction recovery, having the ability to block out negative and tempting thoughts whenever a craving hits, it's going to be a very big step in overcoming it. Ultimately, this concentration can be further pushed to completely block out any desire to use the substance. Even if the body screams for drugs or alcohol, for example, if the mind is strong enough to ignore these demands, then there’s going to be a better chance that they won’t succumb to it. 

Improved Disposition

Another reason why yoga is just perfect recovery is that it does impact one’s disposition primarily improving one’s physical strength and stamina. It also helps improve sleep, which is very crucial in the process of recovery. 

Every session also gets the heart going, which then leads to increased energy levels, reduction of fatigue, and stress relief. Because of these, those who practice yoga regularly develop a different perspective about life, becoming more open to facing struggles. 

Part of the lessons to be learned from yoga is that you only need to apply consistent efforts in order to achieve something. However, this also requires a whole lot of patience. Some progress simply cannot be rushed, so you have to give yourself the time and the chance to truly imbibe the lessons. Ultimately, these efforts will be rewarded. 

Healthier Lifestyle

Overall, yoga teaches how to live a healthier lifestyle by encouraging better eating habits and regular exercise. Having a clean, rejuvenated body yields a lot of great benefits to one’s health, which reflects not just on your physical appearance, but also on your mood and mindset. 

Incorporating yoga into a treatment plan is certainly something that can help improve the progress faster. 

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