Monday, 19 April 2021

{Monday Morning Madness] - Feedburner, Interracial Dating, and Baseball

Good Morning, Everyone!

Yes, I'm well aware it's no longer consider morning, but I do have a good excuse for the lateness of this post. For some reason, Microsoft decided to update my laptop this morning even though I have the automatic update settings turned off. It took forever for everything to download, install, and reboot. (FYI - I turned off the updates because I'm sick and tired of Microsoft wanting to install updates every other day. When you have things to do, it becomes annoying.)


Now on to the subject that I had planned on beginning his post with - the demise of FeedBurner. Yeah, if you haven't already heard, Google is getting rid of the web feed management service that probably every Blogger blogger uses. Many were shocked by the news, but I wasn't one of them. Google hasn't updated the service in over ten years, so it was no surprise to me when I heard the news. However, it's a pain in the neck switching over to a new RSS feeds service. Let me rephrase that - it's going to be time-consuming to find a new service and move all the subscriber emails to it. Thanks, Google!

After checking the recent post stats, it seems my ramblings have been getting more hits than the other posts, though there's been mixed feedback from my readers. Sorry if my ramblings bother you, but this blog is called Rambling of a Coffee Addicted Writer for a reason.

Anyway, after my last few dating ramblings, I was asked about my race or ethnicity. Well, if it matters, I'm Caucasian (or white). I'm not sure why they wanted to know this, but maybe it has something to with my dating preferences. I have mentioned that I'm more attracted to brunettes and gingers, but I don't remember discussing race. Honestly, I don't care what the color of a woman's skin is. I'm attracted to a wide range of different women. Attraction means more than just looks to me. Having something in common, such as likes, dislikes, hobbies, sports, etc., is more important and has nothing to do with race or ethnic groups. There are many dating websites that are exclusive to specific ethnic groups. For example, if you search for ' black dating site,' you'll find Black People Meet, Black Cupid, etc. Interracial dating (such as Asian dating, black dating, etc.) is always an option when I reenter the dating game. There is a slew of interracial romance apps and dating websites that I can sign up for, and a few are even for free.

Now on to baseball. (Did I mention that this would be an odd post?)

It's no secret that I'm a big KC Royals fan, and I've been trying to watch every game. No, I haven't attended a game season and have no plans of doing so. Even though MLB is letting fans in the stadiums, it's safer and cheaper to watch it from the comfort of my living room. To almost everyone's surprise, the Royals are doing well in April. They have won 9 games and lost 5. Currently, they have the #1 spot in the AL West. Yes, I know all of this can change quickly, but it's exciting to see my favorite team win a few games.


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