Wednesday, July 29, 2020

DVD Review - Pagan Warrior (2019)

Ever since 2015’s horror-comedy Krampus, there have a slew of low-budget Krampus tales, including last year’s Pagan Warrior (Not Rated, 83 mins), which Mill Creek Entertainment released on DVD (Amazon, Best Buy, Walmart) earlier this year. Or was it ITN Distribution? It seems at some point or another, Mill Creek Entertainment picked up several ITN DVD releases, and most of them, including Pagan Warrior, have been bad.

Directed by Louisa Warren and Nick Minaj, Pagan Warrior centers on a Viking clan, led by Ubbe (played by Carey Thring), invading a Saxton castle, where King Rollo (played by Peter Cosgrove) has a few witches calls upon Krampus to exact revenge on the Vikings.

That’s the entire movie!

Final Thoughts

Sorry for the quick review, but I will make this short and sweet. Pagan Warrior sucks!

The directing and cinematography are horrible. The acting is godawful. The casting director must have stopped by a resistance festival and said, “Eeny, meeny, miny, moe.” Don’t let me get started on the script. Shannon Holiday (also-known-as the screenplay writer) probably wrote the script in fifteen-minutes or less!

In all seriousness, don’t waste your money buying or renting Pagan Warrior.

FYI: Yes, I’m including buy links for a movie I don’t like. Mill Creek Entertainment sent me a review copy, so in return, I thought I would be nice and let everyone know where you can buy the DVD.

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