Wednesday, 29 July 2020

Blu-ray Review - Eddie Macon's Run (1983)

Mill Creek Entertainment recently released the 1983 action-thriller Eddie Macon’s Run (PG; 95 mins) to Blu-ray (Amazon, Best Buy, Walmart). Directed by Jeff Kanew, the film the stars the late Kirk Douglas and The Dukes of Hazzard’s John Schneider.

The movie centers on Eddie Macon (played by Schneider), a family man who gets thrown in jail after he lets his temper get out of hand. After a failed prison escape, he’s expected to receive a harsh prison sentencing. With help from his wife, Chris (played by Leah Ayres), Eddie plans on escaping again. Kirk Douglas plays Carl Marzack, an aging cop on the hunt to catch Eddie Macon. He’s the same cop who caught Eddie after his first escape attempt.

After dodging several obstacles and threats, Eddie’s destiny crosses once again with Marzack.

Final Thoughts

I thought I knew just about every movie released during the 1980s, but it turns out I was wrong, as I had never heard of Eddie Macon’s Run before this Blu-ray release.

Yikes! This movie is campy!.

The picture and sound qualities are topnotch. There are no special features or bonus extras. There is an English subtitle option.

Overall, Eddie Macon’s Run is a forgettable ‘80s action flick that feels less like a theatrical release and more like a badly made-for-television movie. Kirk Douglas gives a superb performance. I can’t say the same for John Schneider, whose acting abilities are limited.

It’s not a horrible movie, but if you’re under 40, you’ll be bored to death.

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