Tuesday, 18 February 2020

Review - Middle School: Master of Disaster

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When dd FedEx start delivering packages on Sunday?

I was surprised when I received the book Middle School: Master of Disaster by James Patterson and Chris Tebbetts a day before its release. And, no, it's not an ARC! I had pre-ordered the book on Walmart.com last month while I was ordering a few other things.

Middle School: Master of Disaster is the 12th book in James Patterson's popular children's book series Middle School. However, this isn't your typical Middle School story starring Rafe Khatchadorian. Instead, we (and I'm referring to the readers) are getting short stories featuring characters from almost every James Patterson's children's book series, such as Max Einstein, Jamie Grimm, Jacky Ha-Ha , PottyMouth and Stoopid, The Kidds, and Rafe Khatchadorian.

The anthology is all constructed by Jimmy Patterson (the fictional kid version of James Patterson), who put together an event called "What's The Story?" to encourage kids to read. In between the stories, there are segments with Jimmy Patterson and Rafe Khatchadorian as they travel across Washington, D.C. in the attempt to stop the Washington Association of Special Permits from shutting down the event and to do so, they get a little help from Max and Fang from the Maximum Ride series.

The very first story, The Sub, centers around Rafe Khatchadorian who gets stuck being a substitute teacher for an after-school art program for little kids.

"Gold Standard" stars Tommy, Storm, Beck and Bick Kidd in a new "Treasure Hunters" adventure. After reading their great-great-great-great-aunt's journal, the Kidds head to Colorado to search for gold!

"Hall of Lame" centers on David and Michael (or otherwise known as Pottymouth and Stoopid) heading to the Comic-Con in New York City because they were invited to the Cartoon Hall of Fame event. Sadly, their trip doesn't go as planned.

"Little Red Riding Hoodie" stars Rafe's little sister Georgia Khatchadorian, who goes on a quest to take care of Grandma Dotty. However, there's one big problem in her way — Rafe!

Isiah, the worlds most intelligent mouse returns in "Mighty Mighty Mischief" where he use his smarts to get rid of an exterminator.

"The Birthday Escapade" finds Max Einstein and her pals trying to get out of a haunted library escape room on her birthday.

Kenny Wright from Public School Superhero returns in "Check Yourself." He uses his "Stainlezz Steel" alter ego to help him learn how to talk to a girl.

Funny kid Jamie Grimm is back in Ten Thousand Feet of Funny, where he finds himself taking on his fear of heights when he agrees to skydive and tell jokes "live" to raise money for charity.

"How To Make It Show Business" centers around Jacky Ha-Ha as she attempts to keep an "extra" role in a horror movie starring Duncan Masterson.

Sammy Hayes Rodriguez from the House of Robots books returns in "With Bots Like That, Who Needs Enemies?" ― a tale where he struggles to control his new VR robot, Victor Ricardo.

Final Thoughts

I wasn't aware all of the characters from James Patterson's children's books were going to appear in  Middle School: Master of Disaster until I opened the book up early this morning. I had no attention to reading it right away but after reading a few chapters, I ended up reading it one sitting.

Having all the characters in one book is pure genius, even though it makes no sense how Max and Fang are in it. If you have read the Maximum Ride series, then you'll understand what I'm talking about.

All of the stories are well-written and the illustrations by Jomike Tejido are all wonderful. Unlike a few past James Patterson's titles, there are no hidden political or social messages, which in my opinion should never appear in books written for children!

Overall, I loved reading Middle School: Master of Disaster. Kids of all ages, including adults, will have a blast reading it.

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