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Review: Vamprinia

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Disney; 92 minutes; Amazon

Being released on DVD from Disney Home Entertainment on October 17th is the newest computer-animated Disney Junior series Vampirina, featuring eight 11-minute episodes. There are no special features or bonus extras on the single-disc.

Based on the Vampirina Ballerina children books by Anne Marie Pace, and executive produced by Chris Nee (creator of Doc McStuffin), Vampirina centers on a young vampire named Vampirina "Vee" Hauntley, who has moved with parents from Transylvania to Pennsylvania.

Life in Pennsylvania is completely different than Transylvania, mainly because there are humans everywhere, but Vampirina "Vee" adjusts to her new surroundings and befriends several humans.

The series features the talented voice-cast of Isabella Cramp, Lauren Graham, James van der Beek, Mitchell Whitfield
Wanda Sykes, and Dee Bradley Baker.

Episodes on the DVD includes:

  • Going Batty - Vee gets a case of the batties when she meets her human neighbors.
  • Scare B&B - Vee's mother, Oxana, opens up a B&B, and two vampires checks in as guests at the exact same time the neighbors are invited to stay.
  • The Sleepover - Vee invites Bridget and Poppy for a sleepover.
  • Portrait Of a Vampire - Vee's first day at a human school goes bad.
  • Vee's Surprise Party  - Vee's classmates throw her a surprise birthday party.
  • Vee Goes Viral - Edgar makes a web video of Vee and Poppy doing the "Spine-Chiller" dance and it goes viral.
  • The Plant Predicament - Vee and Poppy must undo a curse that has put on Edna's garden.
  • Mummy Mayhem - Vee, Bridget, and Poppy try to convince the mummy, King Peppy, that the visitors at the museum are still interested in him.

Final Thoughts
If you haven't heard of the "Vampirina" series before, then you're not the only one, as I had never heard of the series until I recevied a press release about the DVD. The series just debuted this month on Disney Junior and the Disney Channel, so I'm surprised the first four episodes (eight 11-minute segments) were released on DVD so quickly. I guess Disney want's to tie-in with Halloween.

The series is a blend of the Addams Family, Hotel Transylvania, and Casper. Several of the episodes deals with Vampirina trying to fit in with the humans, as she sometimes feels like an outcast because she's different. Other episodes deals with Vampirina and her pals having to get out some sort of situation that they accidentally got involved in.

Overall, I'm pleasantly surprised with all the episodes on the Vampirina DVD. The scripts are well-written, the computer-animation is well-done, and the voice-cast are excellent. I especially liked the theme-song, which is really catchy. The DVD will easily appeal to both children and adults.

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