Tuesday, 24 October 2017

Fall Reads: The Beautiful Word For Christmas

Zondervan; 210 pages; $14.99; Buy Link: Amazon

Yes, I'm well aware that it isn't even Halloween yet, but here I am writing a review for a Christmas-themed book.

Recently released from Zondervan is the 31-day devotional, titled The Beautiful Word For Christmas. The book includes 23 Bible passages that are all illustrated in full color, 31 timely devotions written especially for the Christmas season, and a few activities to bring the heart of the season into your home.

The interior hand-lettering and illustrations were done by Kristi Smith of Juicebox Design (she also did the artwork on the cover) and Kerri Charlton.

Final Thoughts

For some reason or another, I originally thought this book was a coloring book when I signed up to review it from the Booklook Blogger Program, but I was completely wrong. To my surprise upon receiving the book, I learned that the title is a 31-day devotional; sorta like an advent calendar that counts down the days to Christmas. The first 50+ pages hascolorful hand-written illustrations, all of which are passages from the Bible. The rest of the book focuses on the devotions, which each day features a short Christmas-themed story, along with an activity at the very end. 

Overall, The Beautiful Word For Christmas is a cute little book that would make a wonderful gift for someone this holiday season. The illustrations are beautifully done and the stories featured in it are heartwarming.

*Note - I received a complimentary copy from the publisher. All opinions are my own.


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