Saturday, 23 September 2017

Product Review: Dacian CrossFit Leather Gloves

Early during the week, I received a neat pair of CrossFit Leather Gloves in the mail to test out and review.

What exactly are CrossFit gloves?

CrossFit gloves cover the palm-side of your hands, protecting them from being scuffed up or injured when you're doing a Cross-Fit-style workout.

The CrossFit Leather Gloves that were sent to me are made by Dacian. The pair of gloves retails for $42.97, but are currently priced at $15.97 at:

The gloves are made from thin top genunine leather and high-quality, anti-sweat neoprene. It's wear resistant and has an anti-skid function. It also features Velcro wrist wraps, which will keep the gloves secure during your workouts.

While the gloves are made for CrossFit workouts, they can also be used for gymnastics, weightlifting, and other exercises.

Final Thoughts: Today was my 19th day of doing the Insanity workout program and I wish I had a pair of good gloves to wear during the first two weeks as the burpees, planks, and pushups have been difficult to do on the vinyl flooring.

I wasn't for sure what size of gloves I would need, so I picked the large size, and I'm glad that I did as an x-large would have been too big. The gloves fit perfectly on my hands. They're not too small or tight, they're just the perfect size. The gloves are mostly made out of neoprene, except for the outside palm area, which is made out of leather.

Overall, I love the Dacian CrossFit Leather Gloves. The gloves are very durable, they don't slip on the floor, and they feel great to wear during my workouts.

For more information on Dacian, please visit

*Note -  I received a complimentary sample in exchange for my review. All opinions are my own.

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