Wednesday, 18 January 2017

Review - TAYST Coffee Roaster

I kicked off the start of 2017 by brewing a nice cup of TAYST Coffee Roaster.

What is TAYST Coffee Roaster?

Well, this coffee brand is Eco-Friendly and 100% compostable. The pods/cups are compatible with KEURIG and NESPRESSO coffeemakers.

Each Purpod100™ has three layers: a lid, a ring, and a mesh. The lid is made from bio materials. The printing on the lid is made from water-based compostable ink. The ring is made from natural bean skins, and the mesh is made from renewable bio reins. Once composted in the ground, it will add nutrients into the soil.

Currently there are several different coffee flavors:

Bold & Brazen
Bold & Brilliant
Medium & Heroic
Medium & Magnificent
Vintage Vanilla Cream
Defiantly Decaf

There are a variety of subscriptions plans on from 20 cups (the casual coffee drinker) to 1000 cups. The prices vary from $15 monthly and up (less than a $1 per cup). If you're not into subscriptions, then there is a $8 bag option containing 10 cups. Also available are four different espresso flavors at $4 for 5 cups.

Final Thoughts: The people at TAYST nicely sent a box containing 1 Bold & Brazen pod, 2 Medium & Magnificent pods, 1 Medium & Heroic pod, and 1 Bold & Brilliant pod. They also sent a Bod & Brilliant 10 cup (pod) bag, two paper coffee cups with plastic lids, and a few round tuits.

Being the huge coffee lover that I am, I wasted no time after receiving the sample box. Despite the fact it was in the middle of the afternoon, I eagerly brewed a cup of the Bold & Brilliant coffee.

What did it taste like?

Well, just like the name suggests, it tasted really bold and strong - aka, just the way I like my coffee. On top of that, it was also very smooth. The other three flavors were just as good, though the Bold & Brilliant is my favorite from the bunch.

Overall, I've enjoying trying out the TAYST Coffee Roaster coffees and I recommend the brand to others.

*Disclaimer - I received the complimentary coffee samples in exchange for unbiased review. All opinions are my own.


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  1. Hi Billy,
    We're delighted that you enjoyed our coffee. One of our main goals is to bring great coffee and we take great care in making sure only the best coffee beans are selected and to ensure that each cup is as good as the last!
    Thanks once again for an awesome review.

    Mary Ann


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