Monday, 24 October 2016

Spook Up Your Yard on Halloween Night

Halloween Night is just over a week away, and there's no better time than the present to order your last minute decorations for your yard, class Halloween party, or for whatever you are planning for Oct. 31st.

For me, I decorate the yard each and every hear with spooky decorations, such as foam tombstones, zombie ground breakers, plastic rats, plastic spiders, hanging ghouls, and air-blown characters (2 Frankenstein's monsters and 1 witch). The only thing that could make the scene even creepier would be a little bit of fog.

With so many different fog machines on the market, I was overwhelmed with which one I should try. Eventually, I went with the 1byone Halloween Fog Machine, which retails for $39.99. There are seven different sizes and styles of fog machines on, but I thought the 400Watt Fog Machine would be the perfect fit for what I need for Halloween Night.

The fog machines measures 9.84 x 7.54 x 4.49 in. It uses a power source input of AC 120V 60Hz and uses a 5A, 125V fuse. The tank holds up to 300ml (0.079 gallons). (Only use water-based fog solutions). The fog output is 2000CFM (cubic ft per minute). It comes with a 6.5ft wired one-switch remote control.

The fog machine come nicely packed in a simple black box with the lettering and illustrations in white. The actual machine is tightly stored inside the box. The only assembly required is for the metal handle, which takes less than a minute to put together.

I highly recommend reading the instructions before testing the fog machine out. Like I already mentioned, make sure to use a water-based fog solution (or otherwise known as fog juice or liquid).

To use the machine, you need to untwist the tank cap and pour in whatever desired amount of fog juice that you want to use. Replace the cap, making sure it's tightly secure. Place the machine on a flat surface. Plug the AC cord into an outlet. The machine will take several minutes to heat up, up to five minutes.

Once the machine is ready, it will spray out a blast of fog from the nozzle. The it will stop and reheat before it will release any more fog will be released.

If you're planning on using the wired remote control, then you should have it plugged into the back of the machine before plugging the AC cord into an outlet. There is a red light on the remote to indicate when the machine is "heated up" enough to release the fog. All you have to do is push the ON/OFF switch to release the fog. Once the machine stops, turn the witch off, and wait for the red light to come on.

The fog machine has the ability to fog up a 2-garage-size room, which would be prefect or a Halloween party. It isn't waterproof, so if you are planning on using it outside on Halloween Night, make sure the ground isn't wet to begin. Double check the weather forecast; if it's going to rain then don't put the machine outside. That being said, if the weather is perfect that night, place the machine on the ground or on some sort of flat surface. Place it far enough where trick-or-treaters won't be sprayed by it. I would recommend hiding the machine behind a foam tombstone. Then use the remote to control when to release the fog.

Tip: Always drain the tank completely before storing.

Final Thoughts: Don't be fooled by the 400Watt size as this little machine can put out quite a bit of fog in one blast. Watch the video above to see me testing out the fog around a creepy graveyard scene. The fog machine will fill up a small room pretty quickly. As for using it outside, the fog can easily cover not just your yard, but it can cover your entire street (depending on what fog liquid you use). This is where the ON/OFF remote comes in handy as you can control how much fog is being released.

The fog machine is very simple to set up, and even simpler to use. The machine does make a little bit of noise when it's first starting to warm up, but nothing too distracting.

Overall, I think the 1byone Halloween Fog Machine is a great way to give your yard a spooky look on Halloween Night.

The fog machine can currently be purchased on for $34.99.

To learn more about fog machine, please visit the 1byone official website.

I received this product on a promotional discount for my honest review and they are 100% my own opinions. I received no other compensation for this review and I am not required to give a positive review. I am also not associated with the seller in any way.

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