Monday, 20 June 2016

Review: Adventure Bible: Paul Meets Jesus

*This is a sponsored review. All opinions are 100% mine.

ZonderKidz; 32 pages; $3.99; Amazon
No matter what your faith is, I believe it is important for everyone to read the whole Bible at least once. The Bible has many adult themes, but there are a few water-down versions of the Bible as well as storybooks for children.

Now available to own from Zonderkidz is the picture book Adventure Bible: Paul Meets Jesus with illustrations by David Miles.The 32-page book tells the story of how "Paul Meets Jesus."

At one time Paul was named Saul, who disliked Jesus and his followers. Saul made it his personal mission to stop the followers by throwing them into jail.

While walking towards the city, God calls upon Saul and causes him to go blind. For three days, Saul struggled to stay alive from his blindness. He didn't eat nor drink.

Then God calls upon Ananias to help save Saul by returning his sight. From then on, Saul was now called Paul and he helped spread the teachings of Jesus across the lands.

Final Thoughts: I have only read a couple of Adventure Bible titles, and to me, Paul Meets Jesus is the best written one. The other titles I had read had abrupt endings, while this book has a beginning and ending to it. Overall, Paul Meets Jesus is a cute picture book that will appeal to young readers.

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