Wednesday, 8 June 2016

Popcorn & Coffee: Caught

Not Rated; 94 minutes; Amazon
I tend to ignore made-for-TV movies that are based or inspired by real crime stories as they just don't appeal to me; which was probably why I never heard of the film Caught. Directed by Maggie Kelly, the film debuted last November on Lifetime. I only heard about the movie when MarVista Entertainment released the film to Digital HD and On Demand platforms this year.

Caught centers on a housewife, Sabrina (played by Anna Camp), and her younger sister, Paige, (played by Amelia Rose Blaire) kidnapping a teenager named Allie (played Stefanie Scott). It seems that Allie has been fooling around with Sabrina's husband, Justin (played by Sam Page), so Sabrina comes up with the perfect plan to get revenge.

As far as Paige is concerned, they are just going to scare Allie by keeping her tied up in the attic for a few hours and then they'll let her go. Right?

Unfortunately, Justin comes home early, ruining Sabrina's plan, well, more like changing her plans, which results in a death and a little mayhem.

Final Thoughts: I have to admit that I received a free digital screener at the end of March and it's taking me this long to review the film. I don't have any excuses, well, except for the little fact that I just plain forgot about it.

The film has the typical low-budget feel it to it with a several plot holes, bad dialogue and cheesy music. Like many made-for-Lifetime crime stories, this is supposed to be inspired by actual events. The script is a complete mess with way too many cliched moments. The film's only saving grace are the performances by the Anna Camp, Amelia Rose Blaire and Stefanie Scott.

Overall, despite it's many flaws, Caught is somewhat entertaining.

*Disclaimer - I received a complimentary digital screener in exchange for my honest review. All opinions are my own.

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