Monday, 22 February 2016

Monday Morning Madness #58: Kick Start Your Mornings With These Coffees!

There's no better way to kickoff a Monday morning than drinking a great cup of coffee! And coffee has becoming more and more popular because of the KEURIG craze!

Now, I don't own a KEURIG, but I do have a Hamilton Beach Flex Brew, which also uses K-Cups!

Earlier this month, I received the Java Factory Variety Pack, featuring 40 single-serve cups.

It has six different flavors:

Choconut (chocolate+coconut flavored coffee)
DA BOMB (extra bold dark roast coffee)
Wakey Wakey (light roast coffee)
Smooth Caffeinator (medium roast coffee)
Dark And Handsome (extra bold dark roast coffee)
Vanilla Dream (vanilla+butter toffee flavored coffee)


Final Thoughts: What can I say? I'm a coffee nut, so I was more than excited when the box arrived at my doorstep, containing all this caffeinated bless. I loved all six flavors, though my favorite would be the DA BOMB, which is the strongest of the bunch. Dark And Handsome is also a dark roast coffee that gives you an extra punch. Smooth Caffeinator is really smooth. Choconut is has a nice chocolatey taste with a hit of coconut. Wakey Wakey is a light, smooth coffee that is perfect to drink in the early mornings. Vanilla Dream is hard to describe, but it also tastes great! Overall, I have enjoyed the Java Factory Variety Pack and I recommend it to other coffee lovers.

The Java Factory Variety Pack can be purchased on Amazon for $22.63!

For more information about about Java Factory Roasters, please visit:

*Disclaimer - I received the complimentary coffee samples in exchange for unbiased review. All opinions are my own.

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