Thursday, 6 August 2015

Some Hilariously Inappropriate Signs and Banners Over the Past 15 Years

In the creation of a good sign or banner, communication is key. You need to, somehow, get across messages that can sometimes be highly complex within only a fleeting glance from someone on the street. This, using only one or two images, and a short phrase. If that. Naturally, this leaves very little room for error. Under such conditions, it is no wonder that some people wind up with signs and banners containing hilariously inappropriate content.

Such occurrences are nearly always accidental, arising in such situations where a need to communicate quickly does not always work according to plan. Other times the messages displayed on such signs and banners may be entirely innocent, but has been given a much more suspect interpretation by those possessed of dirty minds. Then there are cases when the message was intended to be seen that way completely, usually as some sort of joke or cheeky double-entendre for adults.

Whatever the reason behind them, there have been some truly hilarious signs that have cropped up over the past fifteen years or so. Here, we’ll show you some of the best signs and let you decide for yourselves whether you’d want to offer your custom at the establishments in question.

A-Frame Chalk Signs

If you’ve ever walked down a main city street, you’ve more than likely walked past half a dozen bars, cafes and restaurants in your time. Because of the ever-changing nature of these establishment’s menus – new specials and discounts are added on a weekly or even daily basis – this necessitates the use of an easily erasable chalk A-frame sign. This, as you can imagine, can lead to some creativity with the sorts of messages that owners may want to leave for prospective companies to see.

1. Be Careful What You Wish For?

Some store owners like to use chalk signs to leave thoughtful, insightful messages for their customers on their signs and banners. The idea is that looking cerebral and profound may attract the more philosophical types, or make passers-by intrigued enough that their curiosity is piqued. However, not everyone has the grasp of the concept, as this sign shows.

2. The Importance of Lettering

How you chose to word your signs can have tremendous impacts on their conversion rates, whether it is by snazzy, short slogans or buzzwords, or through careful choice of wording to attract certain audiences. The person who designed this sign clearly has this down to an exact science, as they’ve masterfully used keywords and presentation to attract customers to their business. We can only guess as to how effective it was.

3. Every Gentleman’s No. 1 Preferred Soup

You do not need to be very fancy with the items on the menu to attract a large crowd. Sometimes, if used correctly, simplicity can be the finest sauce to any meal. If you know your target demographic, and know what your business can provide, you can find it very easy indeed to attract customers into your business.


Like the A-frames shown above, banners are usually temporary in their function. Usually, they are around for a couple of days or weeks before being taken down, and as such can be made from very cheap materials. Sometimes that can be because their owners do not want what’s written on them hanging around too long…

1. Divorce Sales

Admittedly a divorce is seldom very amusing for the people going through it. However, many people try to find the humor where they can in even the most trying situations. While undoubtedly rather abrupt, it seems that some effort was placed into this banner.

2. A Reasonable Qualification

The owner of this sign must either have a very laid back attitude towards his hiring process or a very poor track record with past employees.

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