Wednesday, 5 August 2015

3 Easy Tips for Filling a Writing Rut

Writers must create copy in varying styles even if they only work in one industry or genre. For example, an author not only has to write the fictional content for her book, but she may also need to create promotional materials, have her own author blog, and write to connect with fans.

If you find everything you write sounds boring and the same, you may be in a writing rut. Use these three tips to get out fast.

Personalize It

Bland copy is boring copy. Add in funny phrasings or personal stories to make things more interesting. Most writing is meant to entertain. Be flexible and have fun with your writing. Even a subject as dry as car repair can be a little more interesting if you tell the story of how you accidentally wired the car to honk every time the windshield wipers were turned on. However, unless you are writing pure fiction, don’t make the stories up. Be the person you really are. This is why all my stories revolve around books and science journals that I read online.

Write the Opposite

I like to refresh my writing palate by writing something completely different. If I had any musical talent, I might take this even further by trying to write a song instead of a different kind of writing, but things are what they are.

If you are writing a non-fiction piece, write something fiction just for fun. If you are writing fiction, try writing a personal essay. Or, if you have the talent, try creating something completely different, like art or a song. Writing is an art, too, and you may be surprised how much your writing changes and evolves for the better after you do something completely different.

Write Something Just for Fun

Everyone who is an aspiring/career writer probably got into it because they loved it. I found myself in a freelance writing career because I originally wanted to write books. However, deadlines and career responsibilities pulls the fun out of it sometimes.

Mix things up by writing something just for fun. You may never use that piece anywhere, but no-pressure writing can be an amazing thing. This is something I’m going to try myself soon, as I got completely burned out by fiction writing when I participated in NaNoWriMo in 2013.

Have you ever been stuck in a writing rut?
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