Monday, 2 March 2015

Monday Morning Madness #53: The Dreadful Cold Virus & A Craving For Aliens

Yeah, I'm a little late with this post today as I've been under the weather with a cold. It snowed several inches over the weekend. I barely noticed that it had snowed until this morning as I spent the majority of my weekend sleeping, well, not the whole time, but I was covered in a blanket to fight off the cold chills. For some weird reason, I was in the mood to watch the Alien movies, so I dragged out Alien vs. Predator Requiem, which is the low-point in both franchises. The film was poorly directed and most of the scenes are just too dark to see. I turned off the lights and watched the movie in the dark, but it was no use as I still couldn't see the fight scenes.

Coincidentally, I found Alien Resurrection on Starz last night and I ended up watching the entire movie. Yes, it isn't the greatest film, but it is still fun to watch. Since I slept most the day, I wasn't ready to go to bed just yet, so I dragged out my old VHS copy of the original Alien (Yep, I still own a VCR) and stayed up to 1:30 AM watching it.  Another strange coincidence is there has been a Predator marathon on SyFy tonight. I'm probably in the mood for these movies after I read online about the new Alien movie in the works from director Neill Blomkamp.

Looks like it is taking a bit longer for me to finish this post as I had hopped on over to YouTube and watched a few music videos. I guess you could say that listening to music brings out my creativity. Now, I don't play any Fender Jazz bass guitars or any music instruments for the matter, but I do enjoy listening to a variety of different music as it relaxes me.

Hopefully, I'll feel better tomorrow as I have tons of reviews I need to work on in the morning. Actually, I believe I have a few more review items arriving in the mail tomorrow. My mail carrier must think I'm either rich or nuts because I get several packages a week. Sometimes I get five or six packages in one day. For example, today I received two bottles of Spanish Paprika, a 2 fl. oz. container of Advanced Retinol Moisturizer, Goosebumps Most Wanted: A Nightmare on Clown Street by R.L. Stine and Outlander: Season One: Volume One DVD. The latter is the only one that I actually purchased as the rest are for me to review.

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