Friday, 13 March 2015

Finding The Best Cigars!

I'm sure many of my blog readers recall me stating that I'm against smoking cigarettes as it can cause which lots of health problems; though I have nothing against using e-Cigs, e-Vapors or even cigars. Yes, there is still an ongoing debate about e-Cigs and e-Vapors being harmful to smokers, but using them is a better alternative than smoking regular tobacco cigarettes.

Though smoking cigars daily can give you the same health problems that cigarettes can, there is nothing wrong with smoking the occasional cigar, like on a special occasion (birth, anniversary, wedding, graduation, holidays, etc.). Some people even collect cigars and cigar boxes.

Cigar originated from the Spanish word cigarro. Christopher Columbus and his crewmen encountered an early form of a cigar (rolled bundle of dried & fermented tobacco leaf) while visiting TaĆ­nos, an island of Cub. Eventually, other European and Spanish sailors began rolling tobacco in a cigar-style form. The cigar quickly became popular all around the world and it still is today.

Out of all of the brands that I've tried, Trendsettah makes the absolute best tobacco products, period. Trendsettah has become one of the most popular grassroot manufacturer innovative lifestyle brands out there. The company uses social media, entertainment and other experiential promotion methods to reach their customers. The company carries Splitarillos sweet cigars in 9 different flavors (Black Label, Pineapple,Blueberry, Swag Berry, G6Grape, Rozay Wine, OG Sweet, One Hundred & Cali Green Sweets). Also available is the Hood Wrap Cigars in 18 different flavors (Maybach Melon, G6Grape, Da Bomb, Dr. Green Thumb, Purple K, Hush Honey, OG Sweet, Swag Berry, Yachtmaster Wet Mango, Rozay Wine, Vanilla Sky, Lemonade, Gold, White, Palma, Green, Blue & Pink).

You can't go wrong with the Trendsettah as they make the greatest cigars, which can make a great gift for any adult, especially for any college graduate or even for Father's Day.

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